Sunday, April 30, 2006

Swearing on Blogrolling

Let me make bugaw this Blogrolling thing.

Blogrolling is this, you know, libre na service for the cool na cool na bloggers like me and those in my roll. What it does is that it allows you to create a link list using this easy to learn na interface.

What makes it sobrang unique is the different customizations na you can apply to it. Meaning, you can make it sobrang bakla if you want to, or just, ano, discreetly bisexual with the same pink fonts only lighter. Ew, I said discreetly bisexual. Hello double dead chicken! Wave and say hi to the gutless closet queens in their late twenties!

What I like most about Blogrolling is that it actually keeps you posted about the recent updates your fellow bloggers has made within a certain time frame. Hello, customizable nga, right? Check my blogroll and see that there's actually a marker for updated blogs. That's not pure panghuhula or tsamba lang noh. That's for posers like Stargazer and Madam Auring with her hoping to be a sexy star na pangit boyfriend Archie.

So what that means is you'll know which blogs to go to for the time being. That saves you time, and gives you a sense of purpose.

Diba, spoken like a real ex telemarketer. Hay, you should have heard me trying to sell fashion sense to that baklang Jobert Sucaldito in the Buzz. Didn't work but it was my best foot forward in Havaianas.

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  1. your name sounds so familiar. we might have worked in the same call center...:)

  2. Which centers have you been to? I'll tell you when you're getting warmer :)

  3. ew, i said discreetly bisexual

    ha ha. baka may makakita nyan, sabunutan ka. ha ha.

    anyway, ako ang una mong na-convert/na-convince. i saw something like these in blogs of others, got very jealous, tried to search for it, but failed, until now. ha ha. salamat. :]



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