Monday, May 01, 2006

That Hair Talk Commercial Sucks a Big Fat Cock

1. If you're Hair Talking and your hair has highlights, then you're Hair Talking with a fake accent. Like a call center agent.

2. If you're Hair Talking and your hair has split ends, then you're stut-stuttering as you're fingers struggle to break free of your unruly hair.

3. If you're Hair Talking with a balding head, then you're missing a few vowels. Or you're Hair Talking with a hare lip.

4. You can Hair Talk even if you're using a different shampoo. But if you're so poor that you're washing your hair with, I dunno, a bath soap like Safeguard, then in your case, talk is cheap.

5. If you're Hair Talking on a bad hair day, then you're foulmouthing.

I was able to steal this picture from Ebay. Yup, you heard that right. Ebay. Apparently, it now doubles as your online sari sari store, but you'd be surprised as to how this product was advertised along with Eskinol Facial Cleanser (starts at $3.99), Salon Pas Pain Relieving Patch ($1.99), Tiger Balm White Philippines ($4.99) and Aceite Manzanilla for gas pains ($5.99). They were, and I quote, Philippines Island Treasures.

One of our island treasures, Sunsilk Shampoo (Soft Touch w/ almond oil), sells for $4.99.


  1. Momel's Sari-Sari store ba itoh?

    Di ako gumagamit ng sunsilk, share ko lang din... hehehe

  2. we should be dating.

    and then i'd never ever be sad..! (ginawa kitang laruan. it's just... i get so aliw with you..! never a dull moment, i tell you!)

  3. uyyy... somebody's got an admirer. ha ha. :]

    panalo tong post na 'to. i also don't like that commercial because

    hair talking is primitive.

    from what i can remember, one primitive being pull another's hair if he/she likes him/her.

    and besides, there's: (1) spoken language; (2) sign language; (3) body language (which, of course, doesn't include hair). using your hair to express something does not only imply unacceptable eccentricity, but a limited grasp of the three more basic languages mentioned above, which is just plain retarded-ness. ha ha. :]

  4. hahaha. i love this post.

    my sentiments exactly on that sunsilk commercial. the first time i watched it, all i could think of was: shampoo commercials have resorted to this shallow crap????

    and while watching that sunsilk commercial, i remembered that music video by pink - stupid girls i think it's called.

    where have all the smart girls gone? well apparently, they've moved on to a more primitive form of communication - using their hair to talk. what the hell??? hahaha.

  5. Philippines Island Treasures na lang including shampoo and astringent @ Bryan

    Har har! That's a very warm compliment ha and thanks a lot for that! @ Erik

    Plain retardedness. There you go. It's those two words right there. Alam mo, the advertising people who schemed this bobong concept must think they're so fab kasi their idea has been extended na naman noh? Pero it's still those two words up there. Nice! @ Ie

    I think that the smart boys and girls are online. They're still blogging as we speak. He hee @ Rose

    Thanks guys for the comments!

  6. in fairness walang commercial ang TFC, makatawag nga sa Pinas...

    oist Momel, bagay kayo ni Eric...guapo yung likod nya

    (mag-tagalog ba through & through?)

  7. pang kikay lang ata yun commercial na yun heheh.. masyadong perky XD



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