Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Ben Tumbling Discusses Gay Queen's Libog

I swear to God talaga.

My friend the Gay Queen is so freaking libog talaga sometimes huh. He's oftentimes making yabang to his bakla friends that he just got laid this one time or that and so on and so forth. To hell with that horny bitch kaya. Kasi naman eh, his amiga, Princess Baldo is always making hawa the libog to him, eh they're always in character pa naman all the time. I mean, you know, being the down to earth sobrang yaman people that they are, they tend to speak like me rin. Pero unlike me huh, they're sobrang kati noh! Like what Momel says when he's making "Pasok, Tulfo," they're like mga higad na made kain in the leaf ng gabi which was cooked to make laing. That's how kati he is. Exag noh?

Pero it's okay since they're both upper end rin naman eh like me. It's okay to be malibog and manyakis na bakla naman kasi diba it's not rape naman if you're paying for it. So bayot talaga the katwiran, right? So they have all that money like me, pero noh, they're sobrang libog kaya. And landi rin at the same time noh.

They're like Paris and Nicole talaga sometimes, pero shempre noh, like, feeling lang nila yun noh kasi they're both bakla. As in sobrang faggot na faggot kaya sila. And Princess Baldo has certain angles where she looks like a kabayo and her armpits are, you know, pang-Arabiana type kasi it's mabuhok. For real! Pero the Gay Queen finds Princess Baldo so freaking hilarious naman so she's cool. And she's also fashionista rin, like dapat lang, and she manages to fake her balakang by making siksik yung potholder nila sa jeans niya. Pero it's sometimes kaka-duda huh when she claims that she's a size-4 sa Celine pero she's 5'9 and 160 lbs noh. Kaka-crazy, right?

Anyway ha, I need to talk to that Gay Queen soon. As if that's possible naman noh, kasi that luka-lukang autistic Momel makes us up lang naman. For real. He's making pauso a multiple-personality disorder in his Blahg of Bullshit. So I was like, hello? The things people do talaga to make papansin noh? Whatever.

Anyway ulit ha, I'm sure the Gay Queens's going to read this blog soon, so let me write it here na lang for Her Poser Highness' sake ha. Naku hah, you better monitor your sexual activity kasi it's been so "alarmingly intense these past few days." Oh diba, "alarmingly intense" raw oh! That's Momel making singit and "Pasok, Tulfo." Anyway, yeah, like you've been so active lately ha, di na ata nakapagtataka if the next time you vomit eh may lumabas na titi.

Shucks, I'm sobrang gross talaga sometimes.

That's also me doing public service na rin. Safe sex, okay? It's like me making sisi na rin for not making paalala towards my ex-amiga Kris Aquino. Look at her now with her dripping STD, right? So there you go. Wear a condom and don't make pansin that jologs song by the bakla group Air Supply huh. What's that ba ulit? Making Love With Nothing At All? I don't make birit that song kasi eh, so I'm just making my best hula. You know naman na I still manage to care pa rin if I'm not busy making bilang my maraming pera or if I'm not making tambay in I-bank.


  1. i love this post!

    why did you and Ms. Aquino have a falling out?

    and yes, i agree with you public service announcie at the end. my friend had this horrendous episode with sex with a stranger. needless to say, he "bareback"-ed it.

    we (idinawit niya talaga ako sa eksena, huh?) had this issue about pregnancies (the girl came back to him and made the big annoucement. as in, ta-da! i'm delayed. et al.).

    buti it turned out different, weeks later.

    and of course, the STD thing.

  2. protection is still a big issue with me (not recently though since my partner is 2 time zones away--pa monogamous effect)

    pero iba talaga pag di naka-plastic

    like drinkin soda straight from a can or a bottle vs. naka-lagay sa supot ng ice tapos may straw

  3. I've never even factored pregnancy in the equation, pero it happens pala talaga. I forgot we have junior down there who makes something else with a different gender and a lot of vigorous swimming down the fallopian tube. Ew, baboy no? @ erik

    he hee, now it's the question of drinking it with a straw or straight from the bottle. That's bago, ha, and very interesting at the same time. Kasi naman diba it has always been candy with the wrapper on. Very nice! @ bryan

    Thanks guys for dropping by!



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