Thursday, April 17, 2008

I don't think you can handle this.

I watched this video the other day, following a certain friend's suggestion for over the top morbidity. Two days later, and I'm still at a loss for words. There's not enough of them to mean "totally revolting."

It's about this very primitive sexual reassignment surgery.

I won't post the link, but if you're interested, then here's where it's at. Trust me, there are things worth NOT looking for. I'm just saying; you're probably still up for it anyway. Hyper active clickers have the most regrets, and these directions are merely safety precautions.

1. Go to YouTube
2. On the Search Field, type in "Male to Female 1974"
3. It will require you to login with your YouTube username and password on account of the shocking nature of this video.
4. Prepare to light a cigarette. If you don't smoke, then brace your gag reflex. Then click the PLAY button. Wash.

I know I ought to be tempted to just post the video here on account of I'm promoting bullshit to begin with, but this video is the ultimate rotten tomato that maligns the clever nonsense that I'm really working for. So I won't. But I went ahead and posted directions, just in case you're one to pray hell towards those who go like "I have a secret, but I'm not telling."

Guys, thanks for still coming back. I know I'm just saying that, but really, I appreciate the hits. I'm no longer doing sponsored reviews as much as I used to, and the hits represent something else at this point. Thanks.


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