Saturday, April 29, 2006

You don't need to know these things, but I'm sure you'll read this through.

Kasi nga sometimes, you're as makati as the higad which made kain the gabi leaf which was cooked to make laing.

1. The penis has approximately 70 fewer nerve-endings than the clitoris.

2. Anne Boleyn, one of Henry VIII's wives, had three breasts.

3. In Tibet, virgins are considered worthless.

4. During coitus, most men ejaculate in less than five minutes.

5. Farmers in Java make love in the fields at night to stimulate the growth of their rice crops.

6. Only 5 per cent of British men are circumcised, compared to 20 per cent in Holland, 50 per cent in Germany, and 90 per cent in America.

7. "Penis" is Latin for tail.

8. Sexual arousal can greatly relieve hay-fever.

9. Next to the genitals, the next hottest part of your body during sex is your thumbs.

10. Wealthy people enjoy sex less than poor people do.

11. Humans are the only animals who stimulate the female breasts during sex.

12. Sarah Bernhardt had more than a 1000 lovers; whereas Casanova had only 155.

13. Female porcupines sometimes engage in homosexual activities.

14. Soaking your testicles in iced water can increase sperm production.

15. Adolf Hitler frequently ejaculated during his speeches.

16. Laura Bell became London's highest paid prostitute when she charged Prince Jung Bahahur 250,000 pounds for one night.

17. Montezuma was gay.

18. The longest pregnancy on record lasted 20 years.

19. When masturbating, most men ejaculate within two minutes.

20. Cream-crackers where invented in Victorian times to curb the sexual appetites of adolescent girls.

21. Only one in 4,000 adults is anatomically incapable of ejaculation.

22. Because it increases blood pressure, heart-rate and respiration, but decreases anxiety, it helps to make good sex.

23. In 1977, a six year old girl gave birth.

24. There are 14,288,400 possible combinations of sexual positions for a man and a woman to engage in.

25. Atilla the Hun died while making love, not war.

26. "Vagina" is Latin for "sheath".

27. Body temperature of the testicles is normally a few degrees below the average 98.6 degrees.

28. The word "masturbation" was only introduced into the English language in 1759.

29. On his wedding night, Napoleon was bitten on his penis by Josephine's dog, who thought the emperor was attacking his mistress.

30. In ancient Greece and Rome, to "lesbianise" referred exclusively to the sucking of the penis, and was a term only applied to men.

31. Genophobia is a morbid dread of sexual relations, whereas kakorraphobia is an equally morbid dread of remaining a virgin.

32. The Marquis de Sade spent 12 years in prison for poisoning a number of prostitutes by giving them a dangerous overdose of Spanish fly.

33. In 19th century France, women who where excessively orgasmic had their clitorises removed.

34. Immanuel Cant died a virgin.

35. Some women can achieve orgasm by having their eyebrows stroked.

36. Because of its diuretic effect and a rich supply of minerals that help to maintain a high-level of energy, asparagus is considered to be the most effective aphrodisiac, next to Spanish fly.

37. D. H. Lawrence was allergic to female pubic hair.

38. Manual labourers have 35 per cent more "staying power" in bed than office workers.

39. A great number of African tribes circumcise their women as soon as they reach puberty.

40. Men who wear jockey-type briefs tend to have lower sperm counts than men who wear boxer shorts.

41. Havlock Ellis, the sexologist, was a virgin till he got married at the age of 38. Even then, he married a lesbian.

42. In 1980, an Israeli court ordered a schoolteacher to either have sexual relations with his wife or else pay a weekly fine of 20 pounds until he did so.

43. Sneezing is the physiological phenomenon that most closely resembles the climactic and explosive discharge that occurs during orgasm.

44. The editors of Knave Fiesta can achieve orgasm simply by rejecting humorous essays.

45. Cleopatra had expensive tastes in aphrodisiacs; she dropped two pearls of great value into Mark Anthony's wine before seducing him.

46. Recent psychiatric surveys show that the main worry of a man whose wife had been raped is that she enjoyed it, and that the rapist was a better lover.

47. Thirty two per cent of British men have had an experience with a prostitute.

48. Aristotle believed that ejaculation was controlled by contraction of the buttocks.

49. The Kama Sutra advises readers if they find some of the weirder positions difficult, they should try practicing them under water.

50. If we take her word for it, Brigitte Bardot has slept with just over 4,700 men.

51. In Thailand some families raise their youngest males as females, so that they can become transvestite whores when they get older.

52. Jewish men and women have a longer span of sexual activity than Christians and those of other faiths; an average of five to six years longer.

53. Approximately 25 per cent of British women prefer rear entrance sexual coupling (doggy style) than any other.

54. Mae West had a birthmark in the shape of a penis on her left buttock.

55. Princess Anne was the only competitor in the 1976 Olympic games who was not given a sex test.

56. Billy Jean King was the first Wimbledon tennis champion to publicly admit that she'd had an abortion.

57. The favorite erogenous zone of Australian aborigines is the woman's big toe (on either foot).

58. Catherine de Balzac, a 16th century courtesan who had an affair with Henry IV was buried with a chastity belt on.

59. The male penis rates only 9 out of 12 as a turn on for women, according to a recent Sunday Times survey. (top of the list are sexy buttocks, tallness and soulful eyes).

60. King Farouk was turned on by girls with venereal disease.

61. Queen Victoria often demanded sexual intercourse from Prince Albert up to eight times a night. Many historians attribute Albert's early death at the age of 46 to this.

62. One in seven British women have witnessed indecent exposure by men, but only two per cent of incidents are reported to the police.

63. In Berlin, Germany, a new male perfume, "Mucho", has as it's base a chemical called alpha-androstenediol, which is obtained from human sweat gathered at the moment of sexual copulation.

64. Fidel Castro only has sex with blonde, white Anglo-Saxon girls of respectable English families.

65. The sperm count per ejaculation for the human male is 500,000,000. This compares with 47,000,000,000 for swine, and 3,500 for hamsters.

66. The pickled penis of famous gangster John Dillinger resides in a secret nook of the American museum of the institute of pathology, Washington. It is reported to be 14 inches in length. when alive, Dillinger was often heard boasting about his "two-foot hard-on".

67. The best-selling T-shirt in America in 1982 bore the brazen legend: "Liquor in the front, Poker in the rear!".

68. One of King Lapetamaka of Tonga's official duties, according to Captain Cook's journal, was to deflower every maiden born on the island.

69. Pope Leo the VIII died at the Vatican in 965, during an orgy that lasted over two weeks.


  1. it's interesting how things related to sex are interesting to read. haha.

  2. 8. Sexual arousal can greatly relieve hay-fever.

    i know this for a fact.

  3. ira honey, anything about sex is interesting...and that's an understatement

    yey: tell us more...

    sis momel: have photos or paintings (ala pa kodak noon) of anne's 3 breasts?

  4. Kink brings people closer together, doesn't it? Har har!

    This goes to show that behind all those well written paragraphs and ferocious insights, bloggers are still horny as hell.

    Cheers everyone!

  5. :) i like anything with sex on it!



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