Saturday, October 29, 2011

I Am Now A Fucking Genius

Comments like this help me get my groove back. Thank you.

Regular programming will resume shortly after I have completely shed this most uncomfortable mistress jumpsuit. It's a great bother, I tell you, and I'm just about 95% done. Meanwhile, it will be in your best interest to Never Engage in a relationship with a married guy, or girl, whichever the case maybe. If he can be unfaithful to the wife, then it follows that he can be unfaithful to you. You can not demand anything of him because you knew exactly what you got into. You got into a relationship where you will be the least of his priorities, most especially if he has a kid. This does not make you special, therefore the question Whatever Happened to Love of Self? And what else? Why it's the suddenly excessive smoking, near sleepless nights, overnight eye bags, and, oh Lord, the pimples.

Yes, the stress will fist fuck you big time. Because you were faithful to a married man. And he's somebody else's husband. Let it go.

And besides, it will be your kingdom, your horses and your men, for over the counter break out treatment. If you think you're okay-looking before getting into this kind of relationship, then wait until you get out of it. No relationship is worth you getting ugly. So give it the finger, fart in its general direction, charge it to experience, and Never try to win this loveless relationship back. Go back to the things that you love doing before he came along. That should set your shit straight.


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