Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Updates for my First 3000 Hits!

1. In case you haven't noticed, most of my blog posts are now expandable! Yeah, what that means is that you won't have to go over my lengthier posts if you don't feel like it. There's a link that reads [Click Here to Read More...] in most of my longer posts, so feel free to abuse that feature whenever you feel like it. And aside from that, being the Voice of Reason that I have always claimed to be, there's still Bullshitting at a Glance which offers a very convenient manner of going over my posts. It's categorized, so you have that option of going over posts which cater to your specific perversion. Enjoy!

2. Bullshitting at a Glance will now include two more categories, Ben Tumbling and the Gay Queen and My Favorite Posts.

3. It is official. Ben Tumbling and the Gay Queen are now going to contribute to that fantastic undertaking of epic proportions that is called Momel's Big Blahg of Bullshit. In case you're wondering, these fools are not real people. They're different sides of Momel bordering on both kinky and cool. Think of it as a multiple personality disorder, only I get to channel these freaks when I feel like it. Think of me as Emily Rose, and these demons are having a gangbanging good time.

4. There will be a blog roll, or a link list of the cool people who link to this blog. Wow, I've been meaning to include that a long time ago, but I'm in the process of winning against my people-phobia. Who would've thought it's fairly easy when you're doing it online, huh?

5. For my 3000th hit, I will be writing about me growing up gay. I'm going to be true to form and become the drama-queen that I've always been online. Hope you guys check that out!

6. Ben Tumbling's monkey face will then feature glasses just to show how cool this simian actually is. At least just to show how cool he thinks he is.

It's going to be anytime soon.

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  1. hey, how do you make the posts expandable? wanna try that too!



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