Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Wonder How This Will Look In Your Resume

**I really have no more active plans of furthering this blog. An excuse post is just tiring, and redundant, and just pointless when one hasn't got no drive in him no more. But I was checking my inbox this one time, when I noticed this familiar folder that contained my blog comments from 2005 onwards. And then I suddenly wanted to update. So I'm giving you this, for now.


A fluffer is a hired member of the crew of a pornographic movie whose role on the set is to sexually arouse the male participants prior to the filming of scenes requiring erections.

A fluffer also has the duty of keeping adult film stars "cleaned up" in between takes or during photo shoot set-ups, so that the actors or models do not have to move from their positions. These duties are considered part of the makeup department. After setting up the desired angle, the director asks the actors to hold position and calls for the fluffer to "fluff" the actors for the shot.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Larry Cohen's "It's Alive" Sucks

And now for a brief warning. No matter what happens, do not, and I say this with finality of a heart attack, DO NOT watch Larry Cohen's "It's Alive." You will faint of boredom if you do. And you will not take the precaution of having somebody administer strong ammonia. Because you'd rather be unconscious than suffer this lame-ass piece of hell-raising dullness.
I haven't posted anything for a month now, and I give you drool. Hey, how's the new template like? Nice, huh?


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