Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Blog Spotlight: Blogging the Fifth Nail

I finished this book once, "Contract Killer: The Life of Donald 'The Greek' Frankos," and he recounts the hierarchy of prisoners according to their crimes. Sex offenders and molesters are at the bottom of the chain, mafia hitmen are up on the top. Goes without saying that in an isolated collection of criminals, these filthy motherfuckers are still the lowest of the low.

Blogging the Fifth Nail is a sex offender's blog used to testify against him in court. He blogs about justice and demons and God and all that religious fairy tale maybe to show how self-righteous he actually is. But he's also campaigning for sex offender rights at the same time. Turns out that none of that bullshitting worked for him; he was still somebody's scumbag buttfuck in jail. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting your new prison bitch, Joseph E Duncan III the Homicidal Pedophile.

This is his blog.


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