Monday, April 03, 2006

What's a blog soup?

What's a blog soup? I call it a blog soup because it's this pot (post) of completely unrelated sentences cooked to look interesting. These lines might be ideas for future posts, comments, and just random thoughts. It's supposed to be incoherent, but it should make sense at the same time.

I talk to myself from time to time, and sometimes, I say something cute that I'd want to quote myself at a later time. So I put it in this soup. Or maybe I hear somebody else say something real brilliant that I would want to use at a later time. So I quote them and put it in this soup. Or maybe I find an amusing line from Douglas Adams or Mark Twain. I wouldn't want to vandalize my books with dog-ears and a highlighting pen, so I paraphrase and put it in this soup.Or maybe some smelly local went overboard with the nakakagalit factor, and I don't have enough time to torture current events with a dedicated blahg post. So, for future reference, I lock my jaw and put it in this soup.

You get the drift.

It's basically an excuse for being both lazy and incoherent at the same time.

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