Saturday, April 15, 2006

Little Girl, What Makes You So Nice?

I was buying something from the local sari sari store this one night, and I was observing my personal policy of being totally ignorant of the people around me. That's me being so totally beyond myself with all this coolness. And then I heard this little pipsqueaking inquiry coming out of nowhere, as abrupt as it was uninvited. "Hoy, bakla ka ba?" It registered from this little girl of no more than four years. She had pigtails on, and she was wearing this shirt two sizes larger. I told her "Oo, bakit?" in the most matter-of-fact manner possible for speaking with somebody as young as she is.

She then surprised me a sweet sweet smile. This is the smile most parents are probably looking forward to after a day's work, the kind of smile which made kids so delightfully endearing despite their tendency to become rudely inquisitive. This is the smile which warms and cheers and causes you to smile in return. I never expected that, and what she said with that smile just arrested my righteous indignation however inappropriate.

She smiled and she said, "Wala lang."

Honestly, that little angel's going to be some lucky gay guy's loyal fag hag in the future.


  1. another fabulous fag hag! let there be more of them

  2. ang taray nung bata ha!

  3. Nakakatuwa naman. Lalo na't last week lang eh nairita ako ng bonggang bongga sa bata na nasa likod ko nung nanonood ako ng sine.

    May baklang nag appear sa screen at sabe nung bata 'Ay bakla. Hahahahahaha. Bakla. Hahahaha. *insert more nakakainsultong tawa here*'

    Muntanga. Sarap bangasin ng mga magulang ng batang to.

  4. ay sana sinagot mo ng "I'm a girl!"

    para na-confuse siya ng bonggang bongga ahahahaha... but she's indeed a darling... :)



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