Saturday, April 09, 2005

The First Week

**For a change, allow me to write a post a la Ginger Foutley. You know, diary-esque. You know, different. And this would be a short narration of what transpired during my first week at work.


A funny thing happened on my way to work. I was on the terminal at 6:30 in the morning, and I was waiting for the MRT to buendia, which'll take me there in ten minutes flat. I was in no hurry, really, and I was hopping like a happy fucking princess when I boarded the bus once it stopped in front of me. Anyway, our office was located in Makati, so imagine my surprise when I saw the Araneta Coliseum along the way to the office. Madre de dios, it dawned on me like blood in my stool, I took the wrong bus!

Commuting in the morning is basically greek to me. See, I have always worked nights, so getting to the office IN the morning is a different experience. I've heard of the nightmarish morning rush from time to time, but I'm always too cool to care anyway. I was in Quezon City at quarter to seven in the morning, so I thought of just waiting for the next bus to get me to Makati. Sounds real easy, but then, I had to experience first hand what a cruel nightmare the morning rush was.
It was so friggin' bad, those damn buses looked like sardine cans on wheels.


I left home early to do training, real early, and I listened to BeeGees songs all the way to Makati. Yup, this was going to be a great day.

And I am getting along well with my co-trainees. I never doubted that I would have problems getting along anyway. I just hope that they wouldn't confuse my confidence with something else.
I hate that impression.


All went well until I was on this bus going home. I wasn't even out of the Makati Business District when the bus I was on just started swerving from left to right. It started with this abrupt movement to the left, more like a jolt or something, but then it was followed by a sudden turn to the right. For some reason, the driver's acting fucked up. Real bad. It even came this close to this other bus, so close that we were almost five inches apart! It was near the MRT station in Buendia when things started to really get out of control.

The bus came to a screeching halt, real abrupt, and then these two ugly thugs operating my bus just started erupting in most fluent expletives. The conductor opened the door, and then went out in the street, obviously infuriated by another bus which happened to be tailing ours. I was three seats away from the driver, and I saw him take out this LARGE KNIFE from his drawer or something, and then he followed his conductor out into the street. My fellow passengers were already halfway to violent, and they were all looking out of the windows, screaming for their money back. Imagine that.
Anyway, our driver and his partner came back in like three minutes flat, apparently appeased and enormously apologetic to all of us. Turns out that they were being assholed by the driver from the other bus, and that they were just giving him his just desserts.The drive was uneventful after the confrontation, and it returned to becoming another hot and sweaty afternoon. Nobody died.
Crap, I was only interested in seeing someone get killed or something. We were already parked in the middle of Buendia, and I can always get another bus home after seeing somebody break skin and bleed.


What of my day? Well, as Randy Jackson used to say on American Idol: "It was a-aight," but I had to dismiss myself earlier on account of I need to be in the bank before it closes at three. Something about encashing my final pay and all that. Resigning has too much complications, if you ask me, I mean, I'd be happier if I could just say "Thank You," and then go on my way.

For some reason, the Philippines during summer is where hell and the sun meet.


You know you're doing accent training when they're discussing those chinovelas in English. But it isn't to laugh, you know, when they're making sense out of the situation, and you just have to adore the effort. I am beginning to like this group more, and I just wish to my tits that we all get to pass. You know, all of us.


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