Thursday, April 06, 2006

Manong, Doo Yoo Hab A BAHL-pen?

**This will be the first time that I'm writing something with a different taste to it. I mean, feel free to check my previous writings and verify that I'm totally not like this at all. Pero I still like this style ha.

Kaka-inis that bitch ha. I was like, making pila for my Marlboro Lights there in Ministop, right? And I was like, sobrang behaved and totally composed pa kasi the morning people are making pasok na for their shifts, diba? Kakahiya naman to make a dugyut impression noh, I'm working for a popular company pa naman. I was next na eh, and all of a sudden, this gagang bitch sobrang made basag my cool talaga! Like, I was next na noh, and then she sooo made singit like she was artistahin. The nerve ha! Hello, pangit niya kaya, and her clothes look like she made them sungkit pa from her squatter neighbor's sampayan pa. Kakagalit, right? She was just buying a cheap-ass Panda ballpen lang naman noh.

What makes it so kaka-inis, like nakaka-nose bleed na galit, was that she was buying that with a slang. Kapal! She was like, "Manong, doo yoo hab a BAHL-pen?"Yuck, feeling niya talaga. I'm not making buhat my sariling bangko noh kasi it's also my bread and butter na rin, but hello! Reality check lang "Miss Trying Hard" ha, kasi nga diba you're just buying a fucking ka-cheapan na ballpen noh. Yeah, I know na you're just trying to make practice your sobrang basurang fake accent diba, pero hello! Do that with your jologs friends na lang, not when you're making singit just to buy a mumurahing ballpen noh. Duh!

I can't believe na there are sobrang OA na third world squatters who are working in the same building as I am. Alam niyo ha, I'm also working in the same field as that baho girl noh, pero what makes us sobrang astig is that we're on the upper echelon kasi eh. I'm, like, I dunno, a DVD player? And that wannabe is, like, Betamax or something. Like, hello! Sana lang noh, next time, try to practice social etiquette as much as your fake accent kasi it's going to be, you know, more important in the long run talaga. Kaka-inis kasi when some people are sobrang feeling taas ng ihi na once they start doing American Accent training.

Kasi nga diba, these same jologs people are the same losers giving the rest of us agents a bad name. Like, that cashier in mini-stop siguro is already making irap na to the next call center agent na he's making sukli to. Kasi naman the sobrang bahong impression that Ms Trying Hard just gave.

They're sooo making us panghi talaga. Like, ew.


  1. oy sa palagay ko kahit pa Parker o Monteverde pen ang binibili ni loka ay maiinis ka pa rin sa bitch no! at kahit pa genuine yung accent nya ay maiinis ka pa rin. sa palagay ko it's the fact na she made singit to you kaya ka nairita. o diba? at tsaka sabi nga nila, "women hate women". haha!

    o ayan nag-comment na ko. miss chatting with you bitch

    - dandy

  2. this is my 2nd visit and i love reading your blogs...kahit admittedly some of the terminologies i don't understand. pardon but as i've said in my previous blog it seems that when the world moved forward, i was left behind. keep blogging. and thanks for checking me out.

  3. i am so like delayed in you know reacting to this chipangga post ha pero you know what superdren you are so trudis liit! it's like caman, buy some tombow naman or bic you know! ahaha ;P

  4. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Hi mel :)
    naalala ko tuloy sa bus from Makati on my way home, these 2 ladies are making practice their "American Accent" right in the bus.... as in everybody can hear them stucking their tongue out just make that "English Twang"... Duh! maybe they're so engrossed with their training that they totally forgot nsa bus na kya sila...
    Keep on Blogging Dude!
    You Rock!



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