Monday, January 17, 2005

MEL Versus the "Discreetly Bisexual, Man-Eating PAMINTA"

**This was an article which I posted once in my Friendster Bulletin Board, and I must admit that it was well-received by my friends who are, well, definitely out in the open. I never denied my being gay, and I couldn't have been any prouder.

There are people out there who are rather sensitive with this certain issue of coming out. We, in our own little minority, all worship the same bible, but not all of us are keen on admitting to their actual sexual orientation.
I call them gutless invertebrates, but they prefer to call themselves "Discreet Bisexuals."

I write a lot from time to time, and I am familiar with words and how to use them. I even have an extensive vocabulary to match, but that's not the point. I mean, "Discreet Bisexuals?"
Anyway, this piece reflects my opinion on those so-called "Discreet Bisexuals," the same itchy sons of bitches who might as well get buried in their closets as opposed to the preferred coffin.

I don't have much "discreetly bisexual" friends here in my network, so there really is no point in trying to get this message across you all. But then again, there really is no point in trying to refer to those people as "discreetly bisexual" when the poor little faggot is basically furiously in hiding and refuses to admit. Let me post a disclaimer at this point. I'm not the gay police, and I'm not arresting closet queens if they prefer to keep quiet and be gay in private. I'm just sick and tired of all these confusing labels, and I expect to vomit at another attempt to obfuscate their homosexualities.

Straight as a flaming pink arrow.One of the most easily confusing crap about those sexually disoriented fairies is that they keep on insisting that they are "discreet bisexuals." Say what? Are you even aware that calling yourself "discreetly bisexual" gives the same justice to a chicken that's "double dead?" I mean, wasn't it dead the first time? If you're a bisexual, then why in gay hell do you have to be discreet about it? And if you're so "discreet," then what's with your pinkie doing a little dance of it's own? Bisexuality entails attraction to females as well, so why do you have to be on the prowl for a goodlooking male as opposed to an equally goodlooking female, preferring the former to the latter nine times out of ten? If you "are" capable of sexual attraction to both sexes, then why do you need to keep it to yourself and to your equally "discreet" partner? Are you even sure that your "bisexual" boyfriend isn't so keen on getting in your pants at the slightest provocation on account of he adores your "manhood" more than you do his?

I must admit that in a culture where sexual relations are basically black and white, two men holding hands in public are nothing more than two gay men holding hands in public. So? It's not my fault that we grew up in such narrow-mindedness, and I'm not apologizing for that. But it is true, and we have to live with a general way of thinking that denies reason. But that doesn't give you pinkies an excuse to misrepresent yourselves.

Personally, there's something that's so wrong with your convenient little phrase. See, I hope this reaches you in your comfortable little closets, but calling yourselves "discreetly bisexual" is a terribly lost cause. There isn't even a hint of heterosexuality in someone who prefers to engage in a relationship with someone of the same sex.

It's basically gay, and you know it, sister.


  1. Well, I think it’s not just about the labels, but its more on marketability.

    Basically this is how it goes:

    1. Gay men = attracted to men

    2. Gay men = not attracted to women

    3. Gay men = not supposed to date straight men

    4. Gay men = should date gay men

    5. Gay men = prefers straight acting gay men as they are the best substitute for straight men (refer to limitation stated in #3) as compared to effeminate gay men (refer to #2)

    6. Openly gay guys +=- femininity
    (Again, refer & compare to #2)

    I have nothing against feminine or straight acting gay men, as you have said, we follow the same bible. Yes thats true, but then again interpretation is a privilege granted to each reader.

  2. this post struck a nerve.

    i am one of those gay people having a hard time being out in the open, whatever that means. maybe because i really am not fond of the color pink, or cher, or lip gloss, or cosmo magazine.

    i also believe that gayness exist in all forms, and i don't need a little fairy inside me to be one. i just need to be attracted to one man. and i was.

    but i do believe in telling the truth, and in self-acceptance.

    the hard part for me to accept is that many gay people see the word (the adjective) in a bad light. thus, they try to substitute it with subtle, but politically-incorrect words (i.e, downe, bicurious, discreet).

    it is easy to say that these people are still in the process of self-discovery, but that is not the point. the point is, this continuous cycle doesn't help the gay community in anyway. in fact, it demoralizes the term gay even more.

    simply because even the people who are, hates it.

  3. wow

    You know... argh, thanks for dropping by.

    Speechless? Maybe I just don't know how to put it.

    Cheers guys!

  4. Anonymous7:16 PM

    i forgot my blogger account so i'm making a comment anonymously.

    this is a really good read. i mean, it's okay to claim you are bisexual. that's just about it. other than that, don't call yourself anything else.

    to me it's clear, if you haven't had sex with a female, don't call yourself bisexual.

    but to put another perspective on this issue, i guess it helps people to become more comfortable with themselves when they give an 'appropriate' label to themselves. we're a generation so obsessed with labels.

    my friend told me: "bi now, gay later."
    - jb

  5. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Ahaha.. nice one. Likeit.

    I have nothing aginst these labels if they serve their purpose and not used to misrepresent someone they're clearly not. But they must have come about due to the onset of the internet and the permeation of social networking, online chats into our gay lives. They serves gay people well to make do with labels rather than the lengthy-somethimes-confusing-but-all-too-obvious-self-serving-and-admiring descriptions. In short, it differntiates and categorizes a gay man from the many other gay forms that litter the virtual world.

    You know, there's diversity even in being gay. Positioning yourself intelligently by using these so-called labels will hoepfully find you the one that your looking for. But finding one is just the first step. Keeping is another story.

    Love your blog. Statue... Momelia? IS that really you???? I know your handle from JZafra's blog. I love your entries to the litwit challenge. I'm so happy to have found your blog. Now, I'm loving your blog posts.




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