Friday, February 22, 2008

Remembering the Super Feeling Coniong Ben Tumbling

Some of you guys might not recall this one character Ben Tumbling I used to write as. Except for Bryan and Devilish, I think. But this was way back in 2006, I think, when me and my offline friends, like Ate and Princess Baldo, were usually "in character." We still are. Anyway, think of Ben as this feeling conio monkey who works in a call center and thinks he's all that plus two snaps in a circle. And he likes to make lait a lot in this very foolish dialect that's almost the closest to monkey grunts that makes sense.

Automatic writing is
involuntary or unconscious writing: the production of writing while in a trance or similar state as an attempt to make contact with the writer's unconscious or telepathically with a supposed spirit
Or possessed. Think Regan Macneil in Blatty's The Exorcist. Believe me, this is sooo not the case. Anyway, help yourself to some of Ben Tumbling's posts.

Manong, Doo Yoo Hab A BAHL-pen?
Ben Tumbling Goes Blog-Hopping and Makes "Lait"
Ben Tumbling Discusses Gay Queen's Libog
Ben Tumbling Discusses Elevator Etiquette
Swearing on Blogrolling
Gaway Gaway Grammar and Jovit Moya


  1. hahahaha!! Namiss kita lalo!!!!!!

    What have u been doin lately at mukang nakalimutan mo na yatang me YM.

    Miss u Momel!!!!!

  2. I miss u so much! @ Devilish

    Eto, nakanganga at slight karir sa kung saan saan. Ano nah! Nag YM ako one time, parang naka offline ka naman fren! Siguro nung Tuesday ata un. I miss u Jo!


  3. EEEEE!

    Weird, si Judiel Nieva ang naiisip ko while reading your post. ahahaha

    Isang tumbling jan!




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