Monday, May 08, 2006

Gaway Gaway Grammar and Jovit Moya

You remember ba the gaway gaway people? They're this bunch of bahong tulisan in that old school (laos) na telenovela sang by Vic Sotto. No, it's not Agila, it's Valiente. They're the kalaban, and they're just so frikking ew with their unruly long hair and bad teeth, basically sobrang dripping with all this urban poor na aura you won't believe it. Remember the term ha kasi it's going to be up there in my thesaurus for the bahong urban poor with the jologs na ugaling squatter going on. Meaning you can make asa na we're going to see the same four syllables a lot since I make naman lait the frikking gaway gaway. I do that always kasi eh on account of all this rich and creamy kabadingan that I'm projecting.

Anyway, brace yourselves and prepare for something na sobrang freaky. No, it's not Jobert Sucaldito noh or Eagle Riggs. Get a rosary or buntot pagi like you're waving off some bad feng shui. This is sobrang katakot kaya. This is what happens when the kadiring gaway gaway people learn the internet, get a YM ID, and do that chat thing originally meant for the hip and cool people like us.

You all make kapit na. Like, now na.

cybersonique_8: hi..m2m..hanap serious relatonsip..MALE tripper me...
greater_cynic: labo talaga ng tao
mflip_69 joined the room
greater_cynic: anghirap ng closet queen!!!

sweetdevil20004: may ilaw na (hello, like, is your PC de-bomba and running on kerosene? kagalit ha)

¦°ÅmîÇî°¦¬ºkÊ¥º: im going 2 use a potion in able u to fall in love wit me
team_suplado!!: <<
¦°ÅmîÇî°¦¬ºkÊ¥º: hehehehehehe
greater_cynic: how about a potion na pampa-galing mag-english?
Lil Chique: really? it'll not work for me blive me.. (I'm not making this imbento ha. This is sobrang for real)

greater_cynic: wow naman sweet
syzarmangonon joined the room
greater_cynic: baby raw niya
greater_cynic: concerned!!!
greater_cynic: nag-meet na kayo?
celson_14 left the room
mr_superman_2k6 (mr_superman_2k6) joined the room
~»X-Щ«~»N¢N¢Ng«~ (c_janeako) joined the room
for_dclan left the room
lucky_pacatang left the room
anrei_17: DI PA (pero you love him na? it must be fate, right? or, ano, sobrang feeling princess princessan na naman this gaway gaway na bitch)

stay_with_joyce_03: galing tga ni manny
babyshack619: sya n nguna
dizzed28: uu gna eh
dizzed28: astig
dizzed28: lupit ng bawi nya
dizzed28: stay asl mo
pilipino_boys: tanong kulang sa u
pilipino_boys: baog kaba
nick_ace25 left the room
pilipino_boys: baklang puta
greater_cynic: yun ang malupit ang bawi
mendoza (rafil_mendoza) joined the room
greater_cynic: si dizzed. hanep sa para-paraan

[]£ê±mªkµ[]Khä±: e0w..p0h..!
greater_cynic: meron na ba???
Pa-ImPoRTanTe-Kc-Ako-Diba: ay naku buhay
[]£ê±mªkµ[]Khä±: ala naman aq makauzap hir..
lil_diet.wyao: anong nangyari sa room natin?
[]£ê±mªkµ[]Khä±: kaazar.!!!
greater_cynic: papansin ka naman
greater_cynic: kaazar

kolorbuto: wow...... ur body........ very beautyful, palmol will u married me, please!!!!
gnsabado: would u mine palmolivegirl to access plssssssssss
kolorbuto: please palmo, married with me,...... ohhhhh palmol
kolorbuto: kolorbuto mean is the greaatest of love
kolorbuto: mermaid..... may i go to ur home, please mermaid, because i love u please!!!

redta17: my cute gurls ba d2 na pwd q mging gf? yung naka-SUN lang ha.(oh diba, choosy siya, right? So we know na his answer to the question "What are you looking for in a woman?)

goodboy007_x: Dear ladies....Do u wish to show yourself on cam to me here in yahoo..we can also do C2C...I am a great lover of womankind

!!Ðág鮧¬¿yãh: ano ba wala bng gustong kumausap to me

mcsonjassi: 22/m here any grl wanna hav c2c enjoyment???

boy_nice2003: i m from USA i want personal secretary for my new business in UK so any good looking smart sexy phil girl or smart woman apply for job i m now online

Again, the term is "gaway gaway." Kk? So that, you know, when you meet a sobrang jologs na person making terno the skicap with the fake fake blings, then you know na what to call them. When you meet somebody with a sobrang ka-cheapan na bleach job on his hair along with the dugyot complexion, you know na what to call them. When you meet somebody wearing white belts on black leather shoes and no socks to match, you know na what to call them. When you see Jovit Moya, you know na what to call him aside from Baklitina, kk?

It's Baklitina kasi naman he insists na he's not bakla, pero we know naman for a fact that there is a small part of him screaming for cock. And that part of him siguro would be his, ano, his luwang na ass. He's kunyaring pulis-pulisan portion pa, and we know naman na if he's a pulis, then he would be both Tanga and Chos in one closet. Wave and say hi to Joey de Leon and Jon Santos pala!

Hay, here are some movies included in Baklitina's filmography:

Baliktaran: Si Ace at si Daisy (2001) = Shempre noh, we know na who's playing Daisy. It's not Daisy Duck noh. Patawa talaga you.

Pag Dumikit Kumakapit (1998)

Trip Kita, Type Mo Ba? (1998) = This title is so, ano, "discreetly bisexual." Like, ew talaga.

Ama... Bakit Mo Ako Pinabayaan? (1990) = Subtitle: Pero Keri Lang Dahil Walang Daot sa Aking Rampa at Booking

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  1. gaway-gaway. got it.

    wala ka bang, like, a dictionary or a compilation na lang..?

    hirap kang intindihin minsan eh.

    i think when you are (the homo streak and all), you are. you can't write it off, wash it off, ignore it, deadpan it, wish for it to go away.

    sometimes, too, there's absolutely no need to shove it down other people's throat.

    unless they're specifically asking for it.

    then iba na iyon.

    why did that shoving throat thing sounded so... dirty, all of the sudden..?

    ah, it's because nasa blog moko. ahahaha.

    down, boy.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. i need help with this Jovit Moya person, is he that former That's Entertrainment guy with a smile as big as his hair?

  4. dami kasing guys na may big hair at plastic smiles sa That's Entertainment eh. AY, big smile ba? pwede @ bryan

    I don't get it. Yung middle part, I mean. @ erik

    Thanks guys for dropping by!

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. yup. siya na nga. i hear (last year ata), he joined the police force na.

    pero hindi siya roving. desk job, paperworks and all.

    momel, don't worry. that makes two of us. i don't get myself rin. siguro nalipasan ako nang gutom nung isinulat ko iyan.

  7. oh no.

    combined with the comment i don't understand you have you a dictionary? and the homo streak comment, hindi maganda pakinggan.

    i meant myself. the homo streak IN ME.

    or other people in general.

    were you offended? didn't mean to.

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  11. dami mo naman na-delete erik... hehehe

  12. relasyon itu!!! @ eric & momel ;-) joke!

  13. oo nga eh, parang ayaw niyang mag delete ng comment.

    he hee, thanks guys for dropping by!

  14. so it's called gaway-gaway? ahem. hate it. sheeesh.

  15. yeah, the things you learn everyday talaga.

  16. Anonymous1:21 PM

    freakin hindi frikkin saan ka ba nag aral nana english?

  17. Where do I get a copy of your book? @ Anonymous



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