Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Horror Movie Review #14: Gacy

Directed By: Clive Saunders
Release Date: January 1, 2002
Running Time: 89 minutes
Language: English
Horror Type: Serial Killers
Sex? - Where's the gay sex?
Gore? - If the stink of the boys he buried beneath the crawl space were gore, it'll rate fantastic.
Momel's Rating: 1/5

I first encountered the name John Wayne Gacy in a book entitled "The World's Most Infamous Serial Killers." And it was no coincidence that I had the pleasure of reading about this PEDERAST: he sodomized and murdered at least 33 boys and young men in his lifetime as a serial killer. Yes, boys, and this crazed closet queen was a personal favorite not only because we read the same bible, but he has the makings of the ultimate boogey man: he's a serial killer, and he's a closet queen. The fact that he wears a clown costume, although not often, makes for a morbid touch, and it heightens the frightening presence that he conceals beneath his seemingly normal facade.

That's John Wayne Gacy in the books. The John Wayne Gacy in this film, however, is just unremarkable. The film does come close to showing us what Gacy's problem is. He's this fat middle aged family man with this intense homosexual longing that is controlled only by his family and his community status. But that holds him only for so long because he eventually gives in and begins to covertly address his perverted persuasions, and thus he begins a trail of murder that reveals his homosexual appetite. He becomes uncontrollable, even to himself, and that gives him away.

For some obvious reason, a heavy amount of restraint and censorship was observed with this very soft spoken depiction of one of the most infamous crazies in the annals of American history. Which is totally normal for some movie about a serial killing gay man in a clown suit, but what happens to actual appeal is a question that only a target audience can answer. I'm sure fans of this serial killer will appreciate that a movie about him was actually produced, but fans of crime and horror will find better crop elsewhere. Watch Ted Bundy instead.

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