Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Horror Movie Review #15: 5ive Girls

Directed By: Warren P. Sonoda
Release Date: October 10, 2006
Running Time: 89 minutes
Language: English
Horror Type: Demons
Sex? - Nope, but we see tits on this half naked possessed chick emerging from the bathtub.
Gore? - There's this cross that penetrates from the back of the skull and exits outside the mouth. Just that.
Momel's Rating: 2/5

It begins with a possession scene, some Aramaic, breaking crucifixes, shattered rosaries, and the Lord's Prayer in punk rock. Just about the right amount of sacrilege that hopes to get the ball rolling, but the interest peaks there. Any movie that mentions Aramaic has got to have some sort of demon possession in its lifetime, and that's exactly what was supposed to happen in this film. Props.

St Mark's Alternative School for Girls is more like juvie hall than a reformatory. It's excessively stringent methods are nothing short of military; they do Glory Be's like they do push ups. But that's probably the point because they are meant to house hooligans, hoodlums, and delinquents. And that's where our five girls come in. Truth is, these five girls are the only students in St Marks. And what makes them special, more like gifted, is that they all have superhuman powers, like Hiro-Nakamura-in-HEROES powers: one's telekinetic, another one walks through walls and solid objects, one's blind with second sight, there's a faith healer, and one's a Wiccan practitioner. Charged with all these powers, these five acting school drop outs investigate the haunting spiritual manifestations happening in St Mark's. But it turns out the headmistress is this hardcore satanist who needs to sacrifice five girls in exchange for her dead sister's soul.

This tacky The Craft rip off has an okay pacing and an interesting plot, but the execution's a little too, well, referential. It has elements already popularized and exhausted in some other titles: the magical sisterhood already peaked in The Craft (or Charmed if you may), superhuman gifts in Tim Krung's Heroes, and a group of girl retards in Girl, Interrupted. I hate to break this to them, but all those elements aren't really bringing it on. Truth is, it doesn't have its own charm. And we're talking about a movie about five girls.

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