Friday, February 15, 2008

Wordy Hello

Hi. In case you haven't noticed yet, or you just don't care, let me mention it anyway -- I have reinvented the blog layout. Again. I have a point in stating the obvious, though, because I need to reel you in for the punchline, which at this point, will have shed some of it surprise and therefore will no longer be as formidable.

I wish I am the Madonna of Bloggers. And the verbal diarrhea is on purpose, because I recall this one time when some mommy blogger mentioned my blog is all about wordy nonsense, and I tried to be deliberate about it this time around just so I can tire myself. Speaking of effort, I am trying to hit a quota with my horror reviews. At least twenty before I can move on to regular programming, which is a whole plenty of desensitizing bullshit this 2008. Which, I think, I'm carrying on very punctuatedly: I'm on my way to my first twenty horror movie reviews.

I do have other plans though for content: I'm thinking of featuring quotes from some very infamous serial killers, despots, poisoners, and basically all around atrocious people. See, I've been doing a whole plenty of fine reading, and that got me thinking. Why keep all these details to myself when I can, and I ought to, blog about it? So I will, and that's that, and that's more of an advantage anyway because I'll never run out of crop. It's all in sync with my theme for 2008 anyway, which is all about desensitizing, look it up, and I'm just mentioning.

Truth is, the new layout is inspired by the books that I'm reading right now.

And the one before that:

And the one before that:

And the one before that:

Was is "You are what you read?" Or was it something about the diet? Anyway, you're reading me now, and that's just super, thanks for the hits, and I'm still not sure if that's a compliment. Oh, I'm still in the mood for more wordy nonsense, but that'll have to wait, long posts are just a drag.

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  1. naku, trade tayo nung mga Most book na yan...



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