Monday, May 15, 2006

Explaining Some of My Favorite Movies

This is a little list of some of the movies I wouldn't mind faking a sick leave for.

So let me explain what's happening here.

I like To Wong Foo because you'll never see anything as funny as Wesley Snipes in drag elsewhere. This is actually where I got the snapping habit from. Broken Hearts Club appeal to the moist and chewy part of me which I never knew existed until this came along in HBO that one night. These two films are for the lady in me.

Yes, that's The Little Mermaid in the list. That's for the kid in me.

The Never Ending story was a warm childhood memory. What makes it warm is it had my Mom, my Dad, and Me. I remember we were still a complete family back then during the first time I watched this. And what they told me after the film was one of the things I have always cherished even in childhood. They told me, "Momel, appealing to sympathy is always a cheap shot."

Ha haa, got you.

The Silence of the Lambs was a recent favorite, and it had Sir Anthony Hopkins in his creepiest. Hannibal Lecter beats the bad shit out of Jason or Freddy or that ugly doll Chuckie ten times out of ten. Mind you, that's three against one.

Linda Blair's projectile vomiting in The Exorcist actually inspired Ryu and Ken's (Streetfighters) Ha-dou-ken. Yup, and I never masturbate. But the Exorcism of Emily Rose was a very interesting film on account of it actually introduces demonic possession as court evidence. In a legal procedure. In the court of law. I'm not sure if it's actually based from a true story, or if that's just another marketing propaganda, but the thought of actually presenting Lucifer to testify in the court of law is just ridiculously interesting.

I loved Sister Acts 1 and 2 for the music and the songs and all those funky nuns doing Dianna Ross and the Supremes. I've actually LimeWired most of the songs in the soundtrack.

Night of the Living Dead and The Bride of Frankenstein are absolute classics in all their black and white-ness. George Romero's genius does a magnificent transfer in color with his revival of Dawn of the Dead, and that little bitch of a horror flick actually had me screaming like the girl I was supposed to be.

There is a reason why people remember The Grudge. It's the same reason why you're seeing it in my list. Seven Doors to Death was also known as The Beyond, and by George, it had the best acid-poured-on-eyeballs scene ever!

I placed Girl Interrupted and Beetle Juice in my list not only because kleptomaniacs make for effective actresses but for entirely different reasons. Beetle Juice had Harry Bellafonte singing Day-O. And just when you thought Angelina Jolie's lips could never get any more abnormal, Girl Interrupted slaps you silly, paints you red, and calls you a dick.

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  1. Enumeration itu!

    1."Yes, that's The Little Mermaid in the list. That's for the kid in me."

    maybe you mean, the gay kid in you! ;-0

    2. "...had me screaming like the girl I was supposed to be."

    'nuff sed

    Closing remarks: I could have mistaken your list as my partner's. Promise! (Patay na nagsabi nun a)

  2. He hee, pero it was one of the many titles we kept popping in doon sa VHS. Yup, VHS format pa siya nun.

    This was a fun list talaga. I didn't explain Cannibal Holocaust and Faces of Death kasi I've talked about this in one of my earlier posts.

    Hey BRY, ano, gusto mo ba talaga magpa-tattoo? But thanks for dropping by!

  3. i dun remember a thing about Little Mermaid... wahehehe. peo im sure napanood ko yun nung bata pa ako...

  4. majority horror ito ah...dun mo ba nakukuha ang inspiration mo for writing? hehe..

    oh i love horror films too. ;-)

  5. This is like a mish-mash of movies. From animated to horror to Winona, i think you pretty much covered some of the most-loved movies in all genres.

    i loved Night of the Living Dead. it scared me when i watched way back when i was in grade school.

  6. i never understood the never ending story. probably because i watched it when i was a kid. i better get around to watching it again.

    And what they told me after the film was one of the things I have always cherished even in childhood. They told me, "Momel, appealing to sympathy is always a cheap shot."

    hahaha. you got me on that one!

    silence of the lambs - right on! you have to watch the sequel and prequel to this. and the books are good too. anthony hopkins is fantastic. that movie had me freaked out and it didn't have to go into the supernatural to do that. :)

  7. oh my gosh!!! cannibal holocaust... i couldn't stand watching it... it was freaky as hell!!

    seems you like movies that are somewhat sadist! from zombies to whatnots... have you seen shaun of the dead? it's the most romantic zombie movie ever! :D (because i think it may very well be the only one...)

  8. i love To Wong Foo too! wesley snipes was great, but i think who really killed was... john leguizamo! woohoo :-)

  9. to wong foo is a comedy classic. :] although unlike john, i'm more impressed at wesley snipes. neon orange and neon green are colors that are not easy to pull off. ha ha. :]

    about the little mermaid: i was obviously in denial. when i was a kid, i choose lion king over that. ha ha. :]

    about the two sister acts: these films made me realize that gospel is worth listening to, even if you're not really that religious. and haha, i also downloaded three songs from their soundtracks. :]

  10. Well, you can say that @ pepay. I love the different emotions a bad horror flick is causing. You either laugh or curse at them, but it still makes for a healthy bashing session.

    Yeah! @ Alex. What caught me was the first part of the film where Barbara was driving to the cemetery along with his brother. The black and whiteness of the film just makes you pay attention talaga. Imagine, it makes you want to know what happens next to such a simple scene like driving to the cemetery.

    He hee, got you! @ Rosie

  11. Shaun of the Dead? You did mention the word "zombie" along with, lemme see, oh yeah, you did! @ Tanya. Imagine that, a romantic zombie movie!

    John Leguizamo was such a bitch as Chi Chi @ John, but I still found him very effective as a "hija."

    Right on! @ IE with the neon green and neon orange bit on Wesley Snipes. Two snaps in a circle to Ms Noxeema Jackson!
    Whoever did the music bit on those Sister Act films must have been a freaking genius.

    And thanks to all of you guys for dropping by! Much appreciated! CHEERS!

  12. haha, i forget wesley snipes' character was named noxeema. i should get a dog and name it just that.

    one of my fave scenes from Sister Act 2 was when the two girls sat before the piano inside the chapel. "You take the top, and I'll take the bottom," one girl says. then they harmonize beautifully--just like that. wala nang praktis-praktis. wahahaha

  13. John,

    I can't forget the name talaga kasi it's so in tune with her finger snapping! Noxee!

    Yeah, it had Lauryn Hill and this other lady with an equally sweet voice. I think it was Eye of the Sparrow or something.


  14. And I just saw George Romero's Day of the Dead this afternoon, and by George, it was a whole handful of everything you will love in a horror movie.

  15. Anonymous3:23 AM


    The Never Ending Story brings back memories of my childhood. But to tell you the truth, I did not understand a thing in that movie.

    The Dawn of the Dead is a scary movie, I remember closing my eyes everytime its trailer flashes on screen. Still gives me the goosebumps.

    I just love the Sister Act soundtracks. Especially "Joyful, Joyful", the hip-hop one! Haha.

    Oh, and Broken Hearts Club, di ba ito yung kay Dean Cain, tapos may kissing scene? Haha. I saw this on HBO too! And no, I'm not gay, but I do watch such films. Haha. Crap, maybe I am then! Haha.

    Great choice of films!

  16. thanks! @jhed, pero there's been a lot of good bootlegged titles lately sa Crossing... eh pano ba naman, who can't resist the temptation of an 8 in 1 DVD for 130 pesos diba? He hee




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