Sunday, May 21, 2006

In Canada: Filipino Table Etiquette Punished at Local School: Lunch Monitor Tells Student His Eating Habits are ‘Disgusting.’

Yeah, we might have heard or read of this in one page or another, but here are the links anyway:

From the West Island Chronicle
From iBalita Forums
and the Google search results

In a nutshell, he's this Filipino kid who eats with a spoon and fork. The Canadian lunch monitor from this certain school in Quebec tells him that his eating habits are disgusting. He goes on to repeatedly harass the boy's eating habits with more than a spoonful of scorn. He does this ten times until the boy becomes too embarassed to eat dinner with a spoon and fork. This upsets the Filipina mom who, in turn, reports this incident to the school principal. The principal then defends his staff member by saying, and I quote, "Madame, you are in Canada. Here in Canada you should eat the way Canadians eat."


End of story. And we have a phone in question:

Hey, I respect cultural differences in all it's rich and creamy goodness. I might even sign up for a parade if needed. But you never use the word "pig" in reference to any particular cultural aspect. That's just evil and something that the spawn of Satan would do. It's not nice, and it tends to become offensive, and it's something that you should apologize for.


What the hell am I saying? That statement is just downright cruel and indicates an ego about to explode like a swelling appendix. (Insert awful curse word that rhyme with truck, ALL CAPS ) YOU Mr Bergeron! Suck my (Insert slang for penis) you mother (insert the word fucker in here)!!!

And furthermore...oh wait, we have another transmission from line 2, and its from Mr Normand Bergeron himself!

Ha haa!

Next week on Momel's Big Blahg: The shit-eater's guide to proper table manners. Or maybe not. Don't keep your fingers crossed yet. It's all for show! HAR!


  1. Anonymous12:37 AM

    Yes, nabasa ko na nga iyan sa kung saan.

    I think it's really unfair, especially to us Asians. Those Canadian racists could suck on my (Insert slang for penis)!

    Haha. Kidding.

    Seriously, it's really unfair. First of all, the kid is not even Canadian, and second, they should respect each other's culture. We're not complaining about their every 2 (or maybe even 3) days bath habit right? Haha.

  2. I totally agree @ jhed

    Maybe next time, Mr Bergeron will do another phone patch and tell us how apologetic he really is. Maybe. But for the time being, he may enjoy eating shit.



  3. actually went a bit mad when i read it on the papers, kasi nga like you said, hindi naman tayo mareklamo like them on stuff (cultural diff and all).

    and felt for the boy and the family.

    i like the shit spin. bravo, momel. never a dull moment (with you) talaga. *muffled snicker.

    i can't imagine you kapag may funeral service. i just CAN'T. AYOKO tumabi sa iyo. we might end up giggling.


    maiba ako. sorry about the flooding and my recent issues. kalimutan at... patawad po? and the suggestion, as well.

    let's keep each other..? i know i am.

  4. the principal would be dead by now if he ever tells me that shite.

    see, people like him are everywhere. and i really dont understand them. i just cant.

  5. hearing this news for the first time, while im eating in my cubicle right now, (bopis with rice), makes me mad!! and so angry that i wanna devour my food using my hands (instead of plastic spoon and fork)!

    well, thats a small price to pay for living in a first world cuntry if you ask me...

    but the principal is a racist asshole anyways

  6. i first read your post last night but i got too emotional so i decided not to put my comments. i was about to call that thing pretending to be a principal stupid and idiotic but now i realize that he's just plain disgusting and unworthy of any specifying noun (such as imbecil or moron). i was also supposed to drag canada in general into this debacle but then i realized that the thing is so disgusting it could only be one of a kind. (or two, if you count his lunch prefect).

    now pleas pass me that dom perignon. i need to get my cool back. and straw please.

  7. i read this article somewhere and this really is disturbing...

  8. erik, glad you liked the shit spin. I mean, it is kind of fucked up being in the receiving end of a racist dialogue, so we understand the heat this subject brought up.

    So, to make amends, I envisioned that narrow minded sonofabitch eating shit.


    yup @ yey, seems nobody will. I mean, yeah, nobody will.

    are you saying that canada is a first world country? @ krislan. wow, the things you learn everyday noh? But I bet that it won't be after people understand how some canadians are. it's not fair generalizing people, but still, this piece of shit lives in their backyard.

  9. how's about tequila in a tabo with lots of iodized salt instead? @ carl

    Let's drink to that!

    yeah @ brew it starts off at disturbing, and then sometimes, you hope to see some way to put humor in the situation.

    It's easier to attack when it's laughable.

    Again, let's drink to that!

    Cheers girls! (HAR!)

  10. yes. those really rough rock salt. and lets have it with calamansi.


  11. Tsk.. and how do they want that poor kid to eat???

  12. I so totally agree @ carl. All this bullshit's giving us a fine reason to get shitfaced.

    well @ devilicious, I'm thinking they want him to eat like they do. With the proper table manners of racist pigs. And it takes but a fork and knife for the lunch monitor and the school director! How civilized, huh?


  13. i agree, momel. i expected better from the principal, but he's worse.

    i'm hoping one of these days he gets to have a taste of fine filipino dishes like sinigang and nilaga. and then let's see if his knife gets him full. ha.

  14. Well @ IE the world was made in such a way that each country should have its share of racists. Canada had its fair share.

    He hee




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