Friday, May 12, 2006

Blog Soup #3?

All the filth that overfloweth from that stinking cup of piss known as ABS CBN has materialized into GEM TV. No, it doesn't have badly dressed singing champions. It doesn't feature noontime shows with anniversaries consummating in highly sensationalized massacres. It doesn't have totally unfunny comedians with bloated egos. What it does have, however, is this hour-long show called "Ang Nagsialis sa Dating Daan." I'm not sure if it airs for an hour, but it was all the time I needed to get sick.

I'm not sure about these guys, but bad publicity is still publicity. And I don't think broadcasting Eliseo Soriano's bank account number would help either. Alright, we get your point, he's going to hell because he swindles with the Bible and all that, but pulleaaase.

Brother Mike's already another human skidmark in the underwear of life.
And what used to be his disciples are bashing him at channel 20 on weekdays at 5 in the afternoon.

Clearly, all this buzz in the NEWS about "suggestively erotic" notebook covers made available to kids in grade school is totally pointless. Why would any kid wank off to his Mathematics notebook when he can always abuse his parents' DSL connection? We'll just have to wait until these kids learn how to use Google. See, we all know for a fact that the Internet is made for porn.

Spaghetti. Call it that. Or pasta, if you will, but for the love of breastmilk, please stop referring to it as "spag." That sounds like something Andrew E would say.

How many MMDA officers does it take to blow a whistle? At least three blowing at the same time. You know how it is here in the Philippines, the louder the clearer. So that explains why I was seeing three MMDA officers terrorizing FX drivers with all that synchronized whistling. Fortunately, it was a one day show in front of the Galleria, and these drivers were able to breathe again the following day. Are these FX drivers that hard of hearing? It's either that, or we must have a whole lot of graduates from Traffic Control School.

I've never posted anything about that gay cowboy movie. I've never even watched the damned thing. True, Jake Gylenhaal and Heath Ledger enjoying each other's chocolate starfishes has got to be any gay guy's top masturbatory fantasy, but that's already another blogger's thesis statement. Not watching it doesn't make me any less gay anyway. Does that make you any less of a Christian if you were thirty years old and uncircumcised?

"I wish I know how to quit you?" Yeah, wave and say hi to the surgeon general and my cancer sticks.

Hey, allow me to greet you all a Happy Mother's Day in advance. My mom's not reading this blog, but she knows like the sweet angel she is that I'm extending the heartfelt shout out to her in California. Most of you folks might still have two parents. I only have one. And I don't think it matters anyway since my mother deserves twice the love.

Mama, I hope you never get tired of that Spice Girl song.

I used to say that lie down with dogs and then love your fleas. You are who your friends are, and that is exactly why I'm going to edit or re-write my blog roll. I've been doing a lot of hopping lately, and after getting a dose of healthy whiffs from different blogging influences, I' ve come to realize that I will need to retain, uhm, "certain" blogs.

Take a picture of me pimping some of my earlier posts:

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  1. i saw on TFC yung rape victim ni Eliso Soriano, bet ko pakawala ng INC, 'ba yun, ka-cheapan!!!

    nway, ang blog entry na to:
    kung telenovela- marathon
    kung olympics- pentathlon
    kung Chowking- laureate
    kung shakeys- combo

    "mama, i love you! mama, i care!"

    happy mothers day sa mommy mo momel.

  2. that's the reason why i don't believe in religion. it's too tainted with sex and deception and let's not forget restrictions...

  3. there are suggestively erotic notebook covers?! really?! have i been so out of it that i dont notice them at national bookstore? hmmm... must check those out. (the curiosity!)

    "i wish i knew how to quit you." winning line in the film. :D

    religious wars are all over the place. whether it be in macro or microscopic proportions. i choose to just ignore them. it's just annoying and sad...

  4. he hee, SOUP na lang @ bryan. hey, your last post suggests a different side of you na I enjoyed reading about. Well endowed pala ha! Cheers!

    I believe in religion @ brew. I just don't practice much.

    Thanks for dropping by @ tanya. Nice pic ha, nice skin too and nice hair. Two snaps to you, girl!

    Cheers all!

  5. hi momel!

    i heard about the "suggestively erotic" notebooks... :)

    you're right. if they think that's offensive, wait until the kids get onto a computer with an internet connection. once kids learn how to get around the Net, it's a no-holds-barred on access to hardcore porn.

    right now, parents and authorities are lucky they have a tangible medium to confiscate, should they find kids with erotic covers on their mathematics notebooks. it is so much harder to monitor what the kids see on the Internet these days.

    understandably though, the media hype and community outrage is only a reaction that was brought about by the desire to protect the youth, even if the efforts may be in vain in light of other media showing other forms of porn and obscenity.

    my thinking: it's better to get those covers off of the kids' notebooks. :)

  6. hahaha...cge soup nalang!

    "my thinking: it's better to get those covers off of the kids' notebooks. :)"

    -i agree @ rose

  7. Yeah @ Rose, the "tangible medium to confiscate" bit just about sums it all up. You know what I'm thinking? I'm thinking that all this unnecessary hype on something so futile might as well be them misdirecting proper attention to more fruitful pursuits. Sigh, expect the government to make us believe that they're doing something very important talaga. Hello Google? Hello to the following search phrases:

    he hee, thanks @ Bry. They can take those covers off, but I'm sure you know it full well that nothing kills horny, right? HAR!

    Hey, thanks guys for the comments, cheers!

  8. This is the kind of blog ive been looking for! I like what you post! Spunky, cynical yet funny!

    ps. your call center posts and that dontcall me pokpok post gave me the chills!

    man, you're goood

  9. HAR! wow, I am so genuinely smiling @ Krislan. And hey, thanks for linking me already ha, I'll link you right away. Like, now na. This was really very heartwarming.

    Thanks for dropping by!

    Will somebody please look at me and tell me I'm not grinning in self-satisfaction? He hee, cheers!

  10. another fan?

    is he any competition for me, momel?

    ganyan ka. (tampo.) ahaha.

  11. oist, doncha ever forget ako original fan ni momel ha. top on the list!

    tabi kayo jan...


  12. HA HAAA!!! seryoso, I've been grinning so much baka mapunit na itong mouth ko.
    Aw dammit, this blogging thing is almost the next best thing to, ano, cigarettes?

    Cigarettes daw oh! HAR!

    Hey Erik, babe (he hee), how could I forget your "We should be dating" na comment? Cheers!

    Those Heart Warming-est posts were greatly inspired by your emails @ Bry. Never received those kinds of emails before, and those ARE greatly appreciated. Thanks ulit!

    Thanks for the comments! He hee

    (still grinning)

  13. Hey! Sure thing! i'll link you up! Thanks for dropping by my so-called blog. Hehehe.

  14. that gay cowbay film was way too overrated. i think the fuss (in the states) came more from the cowboy-ness of the film. and you not seeing it the theater (if ever you even considered doing so) was a good call cos i almost bombed the goddam moviehouse to get rid of those damn folks who decided to make usi and ended up lauging during delicate parts.

    but then the film bored me. and i'm gay, so that's saying a lot, i think.

  15. There you freaking go!

    But you gotta admit that it gave you a lot of time to masturbate. On account of all that... aw crack, I think I said too much.

    He hee, cheers and thanks for the comment!

  16. uy..andaming fans! nakakainggit naman ito! ang galing-galing kasi magsulat ni momel eh. ;-)



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