Thursday, May 04, 2006

Ugly Kittens

Our cross eyed Siamese cat gave birth to rats. They were not really "rats" as rats are properly defined, but they were more like kittens who, in their unbelievable ugliness, resemble vermin more than actual Siamese kittens. They're a bag of bones in this scrawny testicular pouch with missing patches of fur scattered all over. They're whiny little brats, and they move around like they own the place. You have no idea how such high pitched squealing can register from these little deformities until you've met these ugly animals. I don't know if this will be a duckling phase significant to such beautiful breeds like the Siamese, but what I'm looking at right now inspire vomit just like Joross Gamboa.

Makes you wonder how such ugly freaks could come from beautiful parents. Hmmm...


  1. ahahaha! grabe mong nilait ang mga kuting niyo! alagaan mo na lang.pagandahinmo! pangit ba talaga?hmmpp....

  2. congrats to your newborns! wahehehe...hey you kow what, my pussy (oh sheesssh...what am i thinkin'?) cat also gave birth last Saturday. There were four of 'em but unfortunately, the other two died :-( Usually, we only keep the pure white ones. Now we have four generations of white pussies (hehehe...luurrvv saying that..)

  3. btw, is that d.s.? wtf, she looks like a s*ut there!

  4. he hee, correct! @ butterfly



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