Monday, January 17, 2005

Ten Things

1. I'm as afraid of rejection as the next unfortunate soul reading this.

2. I'm a terminal hypochondriac, and I have Google as my personal physician.

3. I'm a big sucker for necking. Lips on my nape have the worst effect on me: I become an invertebrate for a brief period of time, my eyes close out on me, and my lips just start mouthing the word "more." It doesn't scare me one bit, but the pleasure is just so dangerously addictive.

4. Most of you folks might still have two parents. I only have one. And I don't think it matters anyway since my mother deserves twice the love.

5. I think that for all the right reasons, "drunk-happy" is good just for one day. So it's no excuse for anyone to be drowning their problems away.

6. Those self-proclaimed "BISEXUALS" are as annoyingly confusing as the Rubix cube. They're trying to walk and act straight for all the wrong reasons, I think. If they're doing that to "attract" a potential mate who conducts themselves in a similar fashion, what happens then when the two of them idjets become "domestic partners?" I believe that a relationship should have its own "male-equivalent" as well as its own "female-equivalent," so if ever they work out, which, then, is which? Who's going to sacrifice all those years of painstaking "charade-a-la-homme?"
BTW, "charade-a-la-homme" is a term I invented, and it means to "act straight." And the only time I'm touching a rubix cube is when I have enough painkillers at hand.

I have no faith in the Philippine political system, and the same courtesy is bestowed in local showbusiness. If we didn't have those two phucking systems about, then we'd look less like a carnival of fools. Now if any of you good people have any more suggestions on systems that we could live better without, hit me.

8. Christina Aguilera might be cheerleading MTV's bandwagon of "skanky-ho's," but there is an abundance of insight behind her songs. I ain't a fan, and though I've never backmasked her lyrics (let alone touch her albums). Though she might be the devil of wanton physical expression, I'm still giving her a tap on the back. Or on that bony ass.

9. Us gay folks have the best table manners about. We know better than to talk with our mouths full. Like we can manage.

10. I never saw myself working in a call center, but now that I am, I can say that "nocturnal professionals" have the best working environment ever.

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