Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm Doing Sponsored Reviews Now and I'm Sorry

**I wanted to say that I too have a confession to make, but you guys probably have noticed my endorsements too much, it would've defeated the point.

I have a confession to make. And, like a heart attack, its final. Yes, I AM doing paid reviews, and let me say it now in case this turned you guys off: I'm sorry.

I started blogging to come to terms with my appendectomy, and then to harvest comments, and then to increase my readership. I was down and tight with this prop-less simplicity, and the blog hopping, and the link exchanges, and the way my blog cross dressed from one template to another. This went on good for about three years, and then my readers diversified to... various disciplines.

I exchanged links with other bloggers who are beginning to monetize. One thing led to another, and I was introduced to such terms as "monetizing" and "page rank." I then knew what my page rank was, and what its for. And how I'm probably saying goodbye to it now with this admission. By and by, I became eligible for doing paid reviews. The opportunity presented itself, and I had fantastic contacts which made it possible. My first review ran for $25, and how it worked was that I get 65% of the bid.

I earned $16.25 on my first 200-word endorsement.

The reason why I'm telling you this was because I never planned to earn from my blog in the first place. Let me be like an aimless young adult and her unplanned pregnancy with my excuse: it just happened. See, I was drunk with the idea of becoming a paid blogger for real, I was and I am, but that had its consequences. I'll talk about that soon.

Understand that I'm not washing my hands off with this admission. No, this isn't some first step to healing an addiction that wasn't there to begin with. It was never, and will never mutate to such proportions. I just want to let it all out and tell you that I'm doing reviews because I can and I want to. I'm sorry if this turned you off. No excuses.

If its any consolation, I am trying to make up with my output. See, there's this cap of three posts to one sponsored review. This means that you can't saturate your blog with too many sponsored posts on account of some very obvious reasons. Personally, this quota prevents me from going hardcore, and I'm real tight with that. Yes, I am sexy. But I'm not moving to porn.

And speaking of porn, there was this one time I was commissioned to do a porn review. But that's a little too anal for my writing ethics. So I didn't. Here's a picture of me in that situation.


  1. darn, and i was really hoping for erotica ala momel

    but hey, you're right you do reviews because you can fact it you're good at it

    rake in the greens mellie


  2. Thanks Bry!

    But I think I'll try to stop doing these sponsored reviews soon.


  3. youre naturally funny and you get paid in dollars for it. don't be too hard on yourself. get hard elsewhere.



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