Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Page Rank Went Down One Point.

I usually didn't feel this strongly about such truck as rank, but I've been so obsessed with the decoration since the virtual handshake. I went down one Page Rank, from a PR of 3 down to 2. I may have an idea as to how this happened, but should I care?

Hell yeah.

I'm thinking this was due to the saturation of sponsored reviews. Sigh. I'd like to write more about this issue, but I'm doing this while incensed with that much grief and regret. Funny how the one thing that I'm trying to increase my Page Rank for is the same maligning germ which pulled it down.


  1. hmmmmm...

    because it validate that people actually read you...?


  2. No @ Lexan

    My PR went down because of the sponsored reviews. And I need more quality links. Maybe you're right, people don't read me no more, but they did. My hit count can't go anywhere near that value on personal effort alone.

    Yeah, but if I did it before, I'll most definitely do it again. Twice!




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