Thursday, November 29, 2007

I'm Not Ready to Prostitute My Blog

I was commissioned to review a porn site. It was supposed to go here, in this here post that you're reading right now, but I just don't have enough words.

See, I tend to be a little involved with what I'm writing, so much so that it gets a little over the top sometimes. Apologetically, I elected to disclose the depths of my kinky in a more, shall we say, inspired post. I find it difficult to express carnal details if it were in a mandatory context. I'm already dribbling with bad taste. Reviewing a porn site would be overkill.

It's money for sex. Or sex talk. So how far removed is that from prostitution when the exchange of power exists as some defiling catalyst?

I hope you'd understand why you're not reading some sort of published masturbation right now.


  1. i think you did the right thing..

    other oppurtunities would come along, better ones for sure..

    (mostly pg13 and rated-R's but not x) :)) LOL

    keep blogging.. mymp!

  2. Thanks. I'm sure I did, but thanks for the props!


  3. Hi, I can't find any contacts on your blog. Can I ask you to send a note for me? My email is in profile.
    Thanks, Chris

  4. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Hahahahaha!!! Panalo a! :)- devilish



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