Sunday, September 07, 2008

How to Make Expandable Posts in Blogger (A Tribute)

**As space saving as zip locs.

I know it's off topic, but here's the golden link to what can be the most space saving piece of HTML code. Presenting, How to Make Expandable Posts in Blogger by HTML goddess No Fancy Name. Again, I am not taking no credit for this, I wouldn't know how to write code if my life depended on the thing. I'm just grateful to her for helping us bloggers who need to economize their front pages.

Here's the link:
How to Make Expandable Posts in Blogger

And here's her new place:
Battle of the Ants

From what I know, this blog is no longer active, and she has moved to this new place. But its still there for posterity AND REFERENCE, and it has never left my roll for very obvious reasons. I've been using this code for more than a year now, and it's always been a charm. At least on the classic blogger format.

Hope this helps!

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