Thursday, September 04, 2008

He Finally Came Out of His Closet

**I'm not writing this to offend you, though. Cheers to you.

It was one of those hand me down stories, the "a friend of a friend told me" sort. But, like most scandals are, it never lost its appeal. One of my friends, after twenty something years, admitted to his being gay. Thing is, he requested to have his confession kept in complete discretion as his admission was still a blood compact short of a top military secret. It was like he decided he was gay, but he's still thinking about it.

This doesn't mean that its a completely retractable confession. For real. You don't come out of the closet, and then wish you can come back into hiding. You might not know it, but when you say you're gay, you are saying it with the finality of a heart attack. Contrary to popular (make believe) belief, there's no gray area to it. That's a gay myth, and whether you like it or not, your admission's as flaming pink as it gets. You can't be gay and "discretely bisexual" about it; that's as grammatically impossible as a double dead chicken.

But then again, don't mind what I just said. Bullshitting is my element, and I'm totally in character. To tell you the truth, my baptism of fire was no more comfortable, my induction was really an awful bother, and I will be writing about it soon. I get it, and I understand; you're not completely prepared to shed your heterosexual shell. I'm not in no authority to tell you how gay you should be after your admission. I'm not the gay police. That's Jovit Moya.

I've known him for some twenty something years, and I was right all along. He was always Chun Li or Storm whenever we had those play fights as kids, and that lingering memory had this steadfast persuasion on my judgment. I tell you now that his confession was a perfect I told you so moment. And, being so, I was never offended by the fact that I missed the confession straight from the horse's mouth. I would have made fun of his relief anyway. I mean, that's how I play with my grown up gay friends.

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  1. who didn't play STORM anyway? ok, maybe a few jean greys, but gay men can't resist a shoulder flattering cape noh...


  2. I suppose you could tell a guy's sexual preferences later on from his childhood heroes, or heroines, that early.

    I was always Rogue, and look how well I turned out to be.

    Har! Cheers!



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