Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm Doing Sponsored Reviews Now and I'm Sorry. Part Two

**What's with me and the excessive apologies?

I know most of my paid reviews are irrelevant to my content. I'm so used to doing online gambling sites that i can do it in my sleep. And I'm a light sleeper, so that's saying a whole hell of plenty. But then, I do take the time to visit their site and know firsthand what I'm reviewing. I personally wouldn't pay $25 for a 200-word review for a set of three paragraphs thats nothing more than an incoherent mess of flowery adjectives I can easily write myself.

Did I say most? You know how its like when some guilty kid admits to being a dick, and he makes it clear he's just flaccid?

For now, I'm trying to make this blog look super fierce enough to be able to attract products that I'm very partial to. For the time being, I'll continue writing quality reviews more for the practice, and then for the content, and then for the cash. The fact that I'm now getting something concrete for my writing's a welcome validation, and I'm grateful for that one detail the most.

I'm not trying to sound grand because I'm getting a little something extra for my writing. Understand, this humble blog of bull is way sexier than that. I'm still keeping it real; the Pay Pal account's more like my feather boa.

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I got the idea for this post from this review by Gray Wolf's SEO Blog

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