Friday, October 27, 2006

Updating the Hate List

36. FX drivers who make a "quick stop" to the gasoline station en route to your destination. No, they don't mind at all if the five minutes it takes for the refill was all you need to get to work on time.

37. Call center agents who go overboard with their obviously fake American accents. That and the "borrowed" lifestyle that goes with it.

38. The news. Seriously, the news. There's just nothing good about it. The only good news can only come from my physician. Or Mon Tulfo.

39. Them people who say that they "don't care what other people think." Yeah, right. If what other people think don't matter to you as you claim they don't, then why do you have to let them know? Why do you feel like you need to write that down? Why do you have to broadcast your disinterest and lack of concern? There goes the foul smell of irony in your general direction.

Talk about self-defeating.

40. You can tell #39 got to me a little. But not as much as the government gets to me. I try to ignore it by not exercising my right to vote proactively since I think that's not enough grounds to get me imprisoned. Unless they, being the overly hateful posers they are, waste productive time in getting us in the same eight by six room with those flying voters.

41. Old people who gossip their way to notoriety. They do it like it was the complete summary of everything they learned in their prime. They make me wonder: Whatever happened to the wisdom in old age?

42. I mentioned this before, but let me say it again: low self esteem. Really. There is always something to be proud of. Unless we're referring to this new recording artist and all that shamelessness.

43. Ha haa, I reserve the right to be completely self defeating in this hate post. So let me laugh. I mean, have you heard Gabby Eigenmann sing? That in itself would be perfect for #42, but then, I'll have to make way for his acute lack of judgment. I'm going with the lesser evil. I'm going with his singing.

44. The materialism in Christmas. Call me a hypocrite; I do like expensive Christmas gifts, festive Christmas dinners, and going to Christmas parties with new threads on. But what makes it hateful is these things make Christmas more of a privilege than anything else.

How do you participate in this season of giving when you have nothing to give?

Minus the appeal to sympathy and all that weak shit, what I'm really trying to say is that it sucks to be broke on Christmas.

45. That being said, let's all brace ourselves for that hellraising havoc due in eight weeks: last minute shopping. It's more character building, or defeating, or revealing to be more specific as compared to sports. And it's just as sweaty.

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  1. awww shit! number 37! i'd kill those call center reps who' overly trying to imitate an american accent!

    ggrrrr... a good example is that gay guy from k. deal or no deal! he is a call center rep and talks like crap!


    but dont get me wrong i have nothing againts gay men.

  2. Anonymous7:00 PM

    #36 is right on target! Haha!

    Those pesky drivers! Grrrr. They make me want to commit a heinous crime, like.. errm.. MURDER!

    "I'm freakin' late, Goddammit! Waaaaaah!"

    Haha! :P

  3. #42 should be included in the top 5, that is if your list starts with #1 as the thing you hate the most :) gosh, the nerve. they think that just because their ancestors are in showbiz, they can just enter and declare and claim to have talents, too. and geez, just look at that face. makes me p--e :(

  4. Ah! @ Rob

    Oo, napanood ko rin yung episode na yun. Nakakagigil talaga yung faggot na yon. Sobra. The accent's sobrang OA. And this is coming from another agent, too.

    Correct! @ Jhed

    I get those drivers two to three times in a week. Hay, life.

    Ha haa @ Lala

    Do you know that Danica Sotto also released an album under DYNA Music last August 2006! Ha haa!

    Yeah, an album. With songs on it. Maybe two or three songs, we can't say for sure.

  5. eigenmann singer? haha jeez showbiz. hehee

    and the government too, ugh! i have no plans to vote, ever. id rather say i had nothing to do with the president getting elected than say, "eh, wala ng iba eh."

  6. I hate you momel. I love your bleeding Hate List!!! Just the right zeitgeist I'm looking for. Glad you didn't add stealing. I'm going to steal it, make a hard copy and keep it in a jar. Will throw away those pretty useless fortune cookies I've been hiding for years and replace it with this nugget...

    Honestly, I love you matey. Cheers!!!

  7. i love you and your thoughts on materialism.

    so, when are we going out for some... er, i dunno.. isaw..?

    love you..!

  8. Devilicious misses u!!!5:25 PM

    Missed u!!! i really had fun yesterday!! we should do that conference thingie again next time.. saya saya!!

    atleast, i was able to bond with you guys yesterday inbetween my stressful working hours!! hahaha!!

    Basta,just buzz me, whenever u and teepsee anne get online okies??? y'know naman.. im glued infront of my pc almost 24/7.. arrggh!!!

    Oh.. and btw, i haven't sent my complaints to those 2 recording companies yet. GMA and DYNA..

    Nyets.. lintik lang ang walang ganti!!!!

    Bakit kasi ayaw nlng nila sundan ang mga yapak nila caselyn fransisco.. la lopez and the likes db??? Bwahahaha!!!!!!!

    Love u dear!! mwahs to yah!

  9. Yeah @ Ira

    And would you believe, Danica Sotto as well.

    Yup. It's that bad. Ask Devilish.


    Awww @ Howling

    You'd do that?

    He hee, cheers!

    Oh hello hello! @ Adi

    Where have you been? Isaw sounds like fun, smells like fun, and tastes a whole heaven of delight. Maybe sometime in the future.

    And I missed you so much!


    Ha ha haaa @ Devilish

    I sobrang had fun nga eh. Umalis agad si Teepsee, eh nag-uumpisa pa lang ang panga-away natin kina Gabby Eigenmann at kay Danica Sotto. Ha haa, akalain mo yun, Sabayang Pag-You Tube, parang Linggo ng Wika lang? Har!

    Miss yah! Luvyah! Oh, ano na nangyari sa birthday ni Yhang mo?

    Yeah, we should do that again. Guys, join our conference pala. If you want, you can leave your YM ID's in here. Mine's greate_cynic.


  10. Devilicious misses u!!!4:22 AM

    Nyahahahaha!!!! Pano nman me makakasali sa conference natin???? e mali yang iniwan mong ID!!??!!!

    Dali.. join na kayo!! Mel Dearie.. kaw na bahala magbuzz skin pag me session na a.. hehehe..

    Hay naku.. La din mashado gnwa.. as usual.. ngaragan padin sa trabaho.. haay.. wala talagang bday bday!

    Love you!! Mwahs to yah!

  11. ha ha haaa! @ Devilish

    Mali mali, ulit:


    Yan, there's my YM ID for everybody! Sali kayo sa conference!


  12. Rob Ruiz said...

    awww shit! number 37! i'd kill those call center reps who' overly trying to imitate an american accent!

    ggrrrr... a good example is that gay guy from k. deal or no deal! he is a call center rep and talks like crap!

    hahaha! eksakto! yun din ang iniisip ko nung nabasa ko yung number 37. hindi ba pwedeng i-on at i-off ang accent, ha?

    gusto ko rin yung number 39 mo. may mga bloggers na ganyan -- kunwari walang pakialam sa sinasbi ng iba pero sabik naman sa comments. hehe.

  13. garytarugo said...

    gusto ko rin yung number 39 mo. may mga bloggers na ganyan -- kunwari walang pakialam sa sinasbi ng iba pero sabik naman sa comments. hehe.


    Oi Gary, thanks for dropping by! Pasensia na at medio na-double post ko yung last comment ko dun sa recent blog entry mo. Medio nanggigil lang ako sa PUBLISH button. Ha haa!


  14. #38. I'm 18, for me news is unheard of. XD

    Argh that #39 is a right on slap on the face. Oh so rude but oh so fucking true.

    #44, First off oldies like it when I give them customized gifts and when I say customized, I mean home-made Christmas cards made up of bond paper, silver dust and a bit of glue. They melt into a puddle of mush and coo about how sweet I am and I smile at them and the gifts would pour. Oh fuck, I don't ever wanna grow old.

  15. oh no. danica sotto..?

    teka lang ha, nalula ako doon eh.



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