Saturday, February 05, 2005

My Hate List

**This was something I started in 2000, when I have all the reason to hate. Back then, I used to think that this was going to be a growing list, but I stopped on number 35, and have been feeling better in one way or another. Maybe this was therapeutic, maybe I got tired of enumerating what I hate, or maybe I found out that the body count on the things I like just outweighed the number of things I hated. And since I've been using the word "maybe" too much in this introduction already, maybe you should try doing one of this too! See if it helps.

1. Groundless conceit.

2. Lack of purpose.

3. The sound of grinding teeth.

4. The sounds people make when they eat. Chewing, the singing soup, that of the tongue slapping furiously against the roof of the mouth, that of noodles getting sucked in between the lips, slurping. You can't help it? I understand. I mean, farm animals can't stop themselves either.

5. Disillusioned teenage philosophers. Angst isn't enough to make a philosopher out of you, and the hormone count hitting the roof doesn't give you an excuse. If I needed to hear something about love, it wouldn't be coming from you fools.

6. The assumed "depression syndrome" generally prevalent among minors.

7. Being out of place. I used to call it "involuntary displacement." Not to be confused with being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

8. Poverty. Always a bitch.

9. Pride, most especially when it's too large to swallow.

10. Having to wear wet socks.

11. Overacting... too much. Yes, overacting too much, and that's intentional.

12. Those DAMN fortune tellers. Just shut up, it's a fucking coincidental stroke of luck, and you can't predict my zipperback boots causing your ass to lose its alignment

13. People who smile too much too often. Personally, I find them weird, so weird that getting away from them as much as possible is not just an option, it's a necessity.

14. RQI going out of business. It's this arcade I used to frequent during the heydays of Streetfighter Third Strike, Tekken 3, and DnD Shadows Over Mystara. I was such a geek so popular there, and it was something of a home away from home. I really hated it when I went there one day, only to find out that they're closing shop for good. I was inconsolable, until the local billiard hall started doing business.

15. Discrimination of any friggin' sort.

16. Insecurities, be they mine or whosoever's.

17. Lack of self-acknowledgment.

18. Having no choice but to become subservient and necessarily polite to superiors who are not even half as smart as I am. Basically, it's working for halfwits and calling them "Boss."

19. People who insist that "they don't care" what other people think of them. Incidentally, they're the same hypocrites who horde beauty products in kilos, trying to impress the hell out of everybody else. And it's not just beauty products. See, they're also the same hopeless losers who try so friggin' hard to fit in. And yet, they really don't care what other people think of them.

20. Those who think they're cool when they really are not. I see them as these narcissistic fools destined to a lifetime of self-deception. Sad, but they don't seem to notice, being idiots so completely beyond a bitter reality check. But then, ignorance is bliss, it might even be cool at times, but these stupid kin are too busy social climbing to notice.

21. Lack of self-confidence. I mean, if you know you're not using the wrong deodorant, then there's just no reason for you to feel like you're inferior to someone or something.

22. Double dead grammar. Like "wrong mistake, false pretenses, IRregardless," and those who never even bothered to explain, much less correct, their flaws. Then again, rectification is wasted on idiots inasmuch as life is wasted on the living. Doug Adams is so right on the butt.

23. Those who think (re:THINK) they know too much. Yes, they might know a lot, but it's just buttloads of obsolete crap you wouldn't use in any practical scenario. So what if Jupiter has this much moons?

24. Chronic farting, smelly feet, halitosis, and dandruff ALL in one person. Imagine my disgust when I once sat next to this most repulsive bastard on my way to UST. Bad hygiene is a turn off, noh.

25. Whoever hates traffic leads the life of a fool. I mean, there's no use hating it, it's always there, and it's sometimes necessary. But then, that doesn't mean you have to like it or something.

26. Wannabe-famous celebrities competely indifferent to their acute lack of talent, goodlooks, or both.

27. Abortion. Or the "near-life experience." Funny, they also call it "pro-choice" as opposed to "pro-life." Might as well equate the word "choice" in this equation with "murder," since they're not "choosing" life anyway. Pro-murder, that's what it is, and regardless of the circumstances behind the homicide, it's still a dead child in the long run.

28. Politics. I just hate it for no particular reason.

29. Nepotism makes equal employment opportunity sooo twentieth century, doesn't it?

30. Excessive optimism. Those who have this should be hanging by the balls, upside down, stuck to a beehive. Which reminds me of something I read about an optimist who committed suicide. He lived through the experience, but his survival made him a pessimist since he was so damn sure he'd make it the first time.

31. Being at the wrong side of a door slamming. If it doesn't physically hurt, then expect a really offensive assault on your humanity or something. In your face.

32. Severely undertalented athletes, their boundless conceit, and their endless goatlike chewing on gum. Much like #26 up there.

33. The wrong claims to fame.

34. Chain letters

35. Gate crashing. I mean, they will send you an invitation if they wanted you there.

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  1. i'm not patronizing...but you are really, really good. and i don't mean just in writing coz if you don't have it in your head or heart you won't be able to write it, right?



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