Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Shaider Post

It's either I have too much time, or I just can't let go of another favorite childhood memory.

1. There was this episode where Annie was shot with her yellow panties in a mid air leap. That one little episode would arguably be the most remarkable for it shaped a lot of young horny bastards barely out of their foreskins.

2. Does anyone remember the Shigi-Shigi Strange Song? It's this disturbing theme music cued whenever Fuuma Lei-Ar weaves his evil in Tokyo. That's the same song we hear when he breeds yet another beast for Shaider to play with. It's strange, it haunts, and it is still recognized more than a decade since it first aired. As a matter of fact, I have this friend who have it as a ring tone in his mobile phone. I have it in Limewire.

Click here for the lyrics. Yeah, lyrics. You probably memorized the Voltes V theme anyway.

3. Lei-Ar has two memorable however overly made-up minions, Poe the God Officer(or Iga or Yda or Ida in the Philippine dub version) and Commander Hessler (or Drigo in the Philippine dub version). These two loved headdresses like it's nobody else's businesses. She had this oval-ish disco ball with horns sticking out both sides; his was urn shaped, had red streaks for drama, and had a square opening for his face. And did you know that Yda (or Iga or whatshisname) was really Fuuma Lei-Ar's transvestite grandson? Yeah. That's right, trans-ves-tite. Grand-son. How did I know? Internet.

4. Here's how our favorite hero usually goes for the kill. Shaider finds Ugly Strange Beast after twenty minutes of investigation in a thirty minute program. Ugly Strange Beast escapes into the Time Space Warp which exponentially increases it's evil powers by a freaking mile. Shaider pursues Ugly Strange Beast in said dimension where Ugly Strange Beast opens up a can of whoop-ass on said super-promoted Space Sheriff slash Metal Hero.

He suddenly gets equipped with the insanest arsenal of Ugly-Strange-Beast-Ass'-Kicking Gear. This includes the Blue Hawk, the jet thingy, and that drilling tank something something. And who can forget Babylos? This was their giant spaceship headquarters which turns into a monster-blasting weapon of evil-hating justice. Yeah, Shaider's projected blue image holding the Babylos in gun form was just pure wicked.

5. Shaider was Alexis in IBC Channel 13, and he was super-promoted from Archaeologist into Space Sheriff slash Metal Hero. Annie just can't be his girlfriend; she's just too baduy in those yellow, I dunno, chalecos?

He, on the other hand, looks just too delectable in those tight white pants.

6. Tokyo's almost always abandoned when Fuuma decides to go wickedly cruel on Sunday afternoons, just thirty minutes after Bioman. Yeah, we'll miss the original Yellow Four, but not as much as Hiroshi Tsuburaya.

Kamakaila'y nalungkot ako sa natanggap kong nagbabalitang patay na raw si Shaider. nalaman kong noong Hulyo 24, 2001 pa pala pumanaw sa edad na 37 dahil sa kanser sa atay si Hiroshi Tsuburaya, ang artistang Hapon na gumanap na Shaider."


Shaider's dead.

This post is my warm recollection of that Space Sheriff slash Metal Hero.


  1. shaider's not dead! *in denial*

    wow, i cant believe you remember so well. i just remember the song. l.s.s. kainis. *shudder*

    ako parin si pink five. bioman rules!

    btw, you have to suggest an awesome tat pattern for me.

  2. he hee @ Ira

    I wasn't any particular childhood hero when we do those role playing games kids are infamous for.

    But I like kicking ass as a kid all the same. Har!

    Sure, I can give you some links. How are we supposed to do the correspondence? Email maybe?


  3. Devilicious3:46 PM

    Awww.. thanks dear..

    - for takin me back to my childhood days, albeit momentarily.. waaaah!!!! i missed shaider!!!!!!!!!! :(

    - and for the chitchat we had this morning. t'was really great that we finally had the chance to converse not just through here db?

    luv yah dear!!! mwahs to yah and your significant other..


  4. Splendid!!! Exactly what I imagine Momel was like as a kid... Fascinated with male mean machines with removable tumescent body parts (?). Hmmm. How interesting.

  5. This is a good way of remembering him, heh. I cant believe our childhood hero is dead, too bad. When I ride my scooter I sometimes think I'm shaider.. heheh

  6. No problem :) @ devilish

    - I think we all need to look back from time to time.

    - I could never stress this enough; I really enjoyed that dialogue we had earlier.


    ohhhh @ Howling

    ...looks at google define search

    So that's what tumescent means.


    Scooter? @ Kinhason

    That is sooo Mask Rider Black.

    Ha haaaa!!!


  7. uki, email moko


  8. grabe momel dear, ibang generation ka na talaga! kahit anong gawin ko di ko maalala si Shaider (ouch!), hanggang kay Voltes V at Daimos lang ako :(

  9. Anonymous5:58 AM

    Shaider's dead? He can't be. Oh well, it goes to show that space agents die of cancer as well.

    I religiously watched Shaider every Sunday during my childhood years. Yet, I can't even remember a single episode. But who can forget Annie and her panties? Haha!

    (Oh, I actually remember an episode. It was about gymnasts or something. I dunno. I forgot. LOL.)

    That explains the disco-ball head-dress.

  10. Emailed na. @ Ira

    Hope that helps!


    Ouch! @ Lala

    Ha haa, 25 lang ako. Forever!


    Yeah @ Jhed

    The bitch has got her own flair, noh?

    But it works, I think. We remember him that way.


  11. I remember how my brothers and I were such suckers for these things. We'd never miss an episode inspite the fact that the plot never really changed. Iba-iba lang ang mga alagad na sinusugo ni Ley-ar! hahahahaha

  12. I love remiscing! I still hear the chants of the evil doers!

    Lagi ko pinapanood yan when i was a kid. It was the first time I ever saw a glowing sword! Maybe that was the inspiration for the light saber! LOL!

    Momel, I just wanna thank you for the visits! I really appreciate it! :)

  13. seems like there's a bunch of shaider's fan here in the blogosphere. it's not my first time to see a post about this some-kind-a famous hero of your time.

    parang fresh pa lahat sa memory mo ah.di halatang fave mo si shaider. at hindi ka mejo galit ke annie. eheheh

    gwapo pala ni shaider nun. i love watching shaider before but i was so young that i don't have such clear memories of the show like yours. mask rider black and bioman, i thin, are much later show. i remember them more.

    nga pla. i love yellow four!

    and oopps..lastly, why the hell annie's panty always shown in the fight scene? eheheh! kulet!

  14. exactly! @ juOn

    The plot never changed, pero we still love it as kids.

    Even as young adults, I think.

    Yeah @ Jigs

    That's it. The chant.

    Weird, but I love it.

    He hee @ Lojika

    There is a great heaven of shaider groupies on this here internet. And we understand!


  15. i had a blast reading this post! i love shaider. i was always annie though when us kids were playing in the neighborhood.

  16. ever wonder what happened to annie? now that's interesting. search for her in google.

  17. OMFG! This entry brings back a gush of childhood memories! I'm elated! Thank you fucking much.

    Anyhoo, thanks for stopping by. Come back anytime. ;-p

  18. Hello momel. Thanks ever so much for the lovely comments... I knew you are not offended by the L word. Don't we all do that all the time? We could always try to be raving mad idealists, and spit vile self righteous outrage to the giant bastard... but at the end of day, we swallow the same spittle and eat their sandwich. And hey, how come I can't use your Tag Board? Where's the bleeding buttton for posting...

  19. Ha haa @ Kawadjan

    Annie? I'm sure!

    Thanks for dropping by pala! :)

    I think she became a porn star! @ Duke

    There are a lot of Shaider posts out there @ Talamasca. I figured I might as well go on ahead and give it a go. It's the eighties child in me that's calling out.

    A lot of weird crap has been going on with my last template, so I went on ahead and changed it. How are you liking it so far? @ Howling


    Cheers guys, and thanks for dropping by!

  20. Oh, I got a little bit attached to your old layout. A bit sad that you had to change it. I kinda miss the flies and all the other stuff that was already part of your personality. This is like having a 'boob job' but you had bits surgically removed instead of having huge amount of silicone stuffed in your tits. No worries, I'll get used to it. Hope you're happy.

  21. uy fan rin ako. hahaha. childhood memories!!

  22. i hate you.

    fan din ako eh. i had fun the earlier part of this post, save for the ending.

    sana hindi mo na lang in-announce.

    waaaaaah. moooommmmmyyyy...!

  23. jamie3:55 AM

    thanks for reviving my childhood memories, no matter how twisted and distorted they seem now to me;b thanks to you, i'm feeding on a steady diet of pirated shaider, daimos, and voltes v dvds:>

    what "do" they say about tall guys and relationships? i'd like to know...hmmm...

  24. tangina talaga yang Cancer na yan. pati si idol dinali!

    *napadaan lang

  25. Anonymous11:40 PM

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