Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Thank You Goes a Long Way!

Sometimes, a picture says it better.
Thanks guys for making my first ten thousand hits possible. I'm still thinking of what to write to

a. commemorate
b. celebrate
c. immortalize
d. remember

(insert answer) the first 9,999 hits and what, or who, made them happen.

Of course, I'm referring to you people.

And thanks Third for the screenshot. Priceless!

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  1. Woohoo! Let me be the first to congradulate you on your achievement! I wanna be like you someday! LOL! :)

    I think pwede mo gamitin yung A, B, or C.

    Hey, I'm one of those ten thousand!!!

  2. Oh you're welcome. I never thought that getting 10,000 hits means a lot to you. Good thing that I also document certain things.

    Congrats for popular blog.

  3. Yes you are @ Jigs

    And thanks for still coming back.

    Cheers! :)

  4. By the way, I've included your site in my recommended list.

  5. And there you are! @ Third

    I just wanted to blog and write all about it. I never thought that other people would like what they are reading. They kept on coming back, and steadily, they increased my hit count to the first ten thousand. This isn't all about numbers, but ironically, those return visits count. The hits are an added bonus; I'm more interested in the people who caused those hits. They kept on coming back, and that's a welcome testimonial to how I manage to make you guys read what I'm writing.

    That explains why it means a lot to me. And yes, the screenshot is priceless. I couldn't have thanked you enough.

    Cheers! And thanks for adding me up!

  6. I was just blog-hopping when I stumbled upon your site. I saw this in absss' blog who used to link my site. Then I found your articles interesting. Before I knew it, I keep on coming back to look for new posts.

  7. i remember back when you were celebrating 3thou hits ata or 1thou hits. :) im so proud! blogstar ka na.

    keep em comming, este coming! :)


  8. wow @ third

    Bold tags on the word used? He hee, cheers!

    Ira Baby!

    Thanks thanks for still returning! You guys made it possible. Aw, I beg to differ with the blogstar bit. I'm just pleased, warm, happy that I got over the first ten thousand hits.

    Thanks! Cheers! MUAH!

  9. lojik2:57 PM

    hi momel! congratulations! i know not really the number that you're thankful of. it's the people! we love u here...ahaha! that's why i return..

    gudluck on the next million of hits. ahaha!

    anong susulatin mo? mukhang tama si jigs. be it all... u write nice!

    amishu na rin. nakatulog kase ako!

  10. Hi Momel, just about time you get toasted to all these praises: you're witty, funny, eloquent and no wonder: you're right there on top. cheers matey.

  11. Devilicious Misses You!!!!11:37 PM

    Awww.. my bad!!!

    Tsk.. if only work hasnt gotten along the way..


    anyhoo.. congrats on your 10,000 hits.. ( and still counting..)

    naku.. im sure.. by the time i get to have some time off work again.. e.. 2 million hits na tong stats mo!!!

    Haay.. but no worries.. im always in between those hits.. :)

    luv yah!!!

    Oh.. and i wish you two goodluck.. may your plans turn out the way u both wanted.. if not much better.. :)

    mwahs! mwahs!!

  12. I know it sounds cheesy @ Lojika but yeah, it's the people. Hits don't read me, people do. Cheers, and thanks for returning!

    Since you mentioned toasts and all, @ howling, then here's one for us all:

    Cheers! Har!

    Thanks thanks! @ I miss yah Devilish

    I've always known that you represented a lot of those hits, and I thank you for that. Also, thanks for hearing me out.


    Thank you all!

  13. sosyal, sampung libo! :]


    but i bet, mas malake pa jan ang sweldo mo kada kinsenas. ha ha. :]

  14. He hee @ IE

    Thanks thanks!

    No comment na lang dun sa second part.





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