Saturday, November 04, 2006

Blog soup #7: Whatever Happened to Jhezper Driedfish, Immortality, and the Meaning of Life in Ebay

A post about hiatuses. Understand this is a wake up call. We do have a life.Define the word hiatus. Maybe I don't need to. I mean, those five properly arranged words "we do have a life" appropriately ends the discussion. You know this craze got you good if you don't mind documenting whatever blog-able encounter or thought you might have encountered with obsessive fervor.

Jessica Zafra calls it "cannibalizing her own life for material."

Succinct, yes, right on the dot; we do have offline lives too. So it doesn't matter if they're in for the temporary high; bloggers who haven't been posting for months now have all the right to do so.

Anyway, did you know that they're selling the meaning of life in Ebay? Yeah, there's that and thirty-dollar penis pumps.

Speaking of the meaning of life and such overly exaggerated bull, I got really philosophical this one time after my first hour of Looney Tunes. They were advertising very uneducational and highly violent toys when I got to thinking: Would I rather be immortal? Riiight. To sweeten the deal, let's add in a whole lot of genius, plenty of goal orientedness, and a great wealth of goodness not in an Oreo Cookie.

But, you will be him:


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  1. I can sense that someone is pushing you: update, update, update your effing blog, momel.

    Or maybe you hear voices: come up with something really profound and full of wit, something that will inspire and lift up the spirits of really sad and sick, sick people out in the world.

    You have to come up with the answer to life, the universe and everything..

    Or you spend the rest of your life tormented by those lost souls who followed you in circles and wondered where they are heading to and asked: Why all these effing footprints?

    You tell them: The answer is 42 and all of you fuck off!!!

    I do have a life.

  2. Ha haa @ Howling

    Why am I not surprised to hear you quoting from Douglas Adams? Seriously, I like it! He hee, goes to show that I have a widely read selection in my roll. Wow!


  3. like they use hiatuses instead of BRBs coz it sounds cooler. pffft. like blogging is their soul purpose here on earth and a day of absenc would be a big loss for the humanity! lol.

  4. pwedeng bumati?

    hi momelllllllllll!
    miss ya

  5. well, it is YOUR blog anyway.

    it's just that sometimes, you miss them. ;)

  6. So it's a choice-of-words thing for you then, huh? @ Rob. I think you lost the point, but yeah, thanks for dropping by


    Oh hello there! @ Bry

    Have a good time in Korea! We miss you! Muah!

    Yeah @ Ira

    THAT is exactly what I'm trying to point out. He hee, thanks!

    Cheers all. Muah!

  7. agree with Ira. and by the way, bakit ba may rules-rulesan..? kanina ba ang mga rules-rulesan na iyan?

    i mean, do they really work..?

    do what you wanna do. basta make sure you don't hurt anybody.

    pero ha, sobrang lalayo pagitan nang mga posts (mo) grabe.

    love you parin, despite.

  8. ouch. nasaktan ako dito. about the hiatus, i mean. pero this post really cheered me up. sobra. :)

  9. pahabol pala: thanks, momel. :)

  10. haha. penis pumps. now that's funny.

    i took the liberty of checking out the link. there's a similar device called the PENIS ENLARGEMENT ENLARGER STRETCHER ENHANCEMENT DEVICE. it's $180.

    the things people will spend good money for. :)



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