Monday, November 29, 2010

I Just Got Home from Coffee with Ms Jessica Zafra

Yes, my darling punk reader. Again. And I will be writing about it soon! Meanwhile, here are some pictures.

This is me after the meet and greet. That how I look like after recovering from a mild case of star-struck-ism-ness. I have met and had cocktails with The Mistress of the Universe before, and it could have been severe if this was the first time that I met her.

The Cake Club is located on the second Floor of the Powerplant Mall, in front of National Bookstore. This is where the lovely madness took place. And it should be said that I was about thirty minutes late, like I was the first time. Motherfucking damn it.

This has got to be, by far, my favorite picture of all. I could have cried upon reading this, but I'm all cried out and am severely dehydrated by that break up. This meet and greet helped. And I will be writing about it soon! Cheers you, and mabuhay from Pasig Citehh!

P.S. My next post will be about alcohol.


  1. see, i told you! mag iinom ka ng tubig at dehydrated ka na nga. haha!!!

    at least my friend, nag enjoy ka today. :)

  2. Ahaha, pakyu kaa frenn! Mamatay ka nahh! Alam mo ba na medio na-slow ako nung first time mo na-mention yang dehydration na yan. At nung napagtanto ko eh aba, sapul na sapul fren!

    Waahaha, lavet! Muahness from Pasig Citehh!

  3. hahaha!! naiintindihan ko naman fren.

    my sweldo na!!!

  4. Fuuuuck you Momeeeeel you know how jealoous I get hahaha. And here's to you getting published!!! I'll be your Number One Fan. I'll be like, Oh I knew Momel way back when... hehehe...

    I do hope whatever J-Zaf is planning for you comes to fruition... You're gonna be the shit and your ex will want you back. Too bad because you will have met a new guy, probably one of those rugby players.

    And you'll be like, Who's dehydrated now?

  5. hong taray lang ni Khiekhie!!! sisikat na..yipiii!!!

    kainis ka..bakit ang skinny mo?? para lang model..model ng katol,hihihi =)


  6. ikaw na momel..ikaw na ang kinakarir ang litwit challenge...ahhahaha..

    i want to meet jessica too..just to check how nervous i can get..ahhaha.never met a famous writer ever e..ahahhaa

    greeting from cebu citeeeh! ahahahhaha

  7. pwede makisali? haha envious from makati citeeehhhh.. (bakla ms universe na to!) philippines countreeehh!!!

  8. naks, thinspiration ang pic and those damn cheekbones.

    when i read the title of the post, i was like uh-uh glentot must be frothing at the mouth (ng very very nice)hahahah

    and cheers to you getting published
    from the City of Lahhhh!!!!

  9. Wow Ate Momel meeting JZ is a dream! And for that I am now officially hating you. Haha

    Can't wait for the juicy details. :)

  10. Hoy mga Ow-Ey kayo mga punks! Ahaha! Ang totoo niyan eh hindi ko binasa yung dedication dun sa libro habang nasa kapihan kami, sa taxi ko na lang siya tiningnan. At kinaloka ko naman talaga! Pero ang totoo niya eh okay na ko kahit sa dedication lang!

    Je Totoy Batohtohtoh,

    Tamaa! At dahil dian eh bumili ako ng The Best of APO na 2-disc set. Lavet!


    Uy ow-ey naman! Promise, sa totoo lang eh okay na ko kahit sa dedication lang, kahit wala na yung publish publish chenelar na yaen. This is a recording noh? Happy na ko sa ganung... ah, validation. Speaking of rugby players, kasing-tangkad ko pala si Jake Letts. Feeling ko talaga eh meant to be kami. Wahaha!

    Cheers Je and Glenn, Mabuhey kayo, and Muahness from Pasig Citehhh!

  11. Himhay,

    Ahaha, model ng dengue mosquito kamo. Yan ang taong Aedes aegypti! Muahness from the stagnant waters of Pasig Citehh!


    Oo fren, karir kung karir, magandang practice kasi eh. At the same time ay may feedback pa from Ms Jessica Zafra herself. Ang maganda dun eh wala kang maririnig sa kanyang "nice post, I like the structure." May sense ang criticism niya. Yun.

    Cheers Powkie and Malditz, Mabuhay kayo, and Muahness from Pasig Citehhh!

  12. Neil,

    Ahaha, i-promote natin yan, gawin nating blogging equivalent ng beaucon kunyari. Maiba lang noh? Kahit man lang dito sa blogging eh may parade of nations tayo!


    And there you go! Thinspiration! That was exactly the word I needed! Wahaha, eh ewan ko naman dian kay Glenntot, magaling naman ang mga writings niya (super tindi nung huling post niya, yung tungkol sa tiyahin niya, almost naiyak ako dun), ayaw mag-participate. Speaking of which, I'm preparing something for you darling people in my roll, ego-rub ang drama, I hope you all like it!

    Mel B.,

    It's a tie! It is a dream, one of my accomplished dreams so far, but the dedication was unprecedented! Oh, tapos na rin ako halos sa post na yun, yung second meet up, pero unahin ko muna ang bahay alak nating lahat sa aking susunod na post!

    Cheers Neil, Orally, and Mel B, Mabuhay kayo, and Muahness from Pasig Citehhh!



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