Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Trouble With a Three Month Hiatus

I call it the Blogger's On/Off Switch

hiatus (plural hiatus or hiatuses)

  1. A break or pause.
  2. A gap in a series, making it incomplete.
Taken from Wiktionary

1. Your readership begins to think that you are beginning to quit blogging.

2. Your traffic begins to slow down, your hits dwindle to an all time low, and your recent posts appear ignored since the comments aren't there anymore. Not as they used to.

3. Your internet presence grows weak. You want to reach out to your readership and make some lame excuse like "another life distracts you from blogging."

4. You go back after a two to three month absence only to find out that several people in your blog roll have decided to quit blogging altogether. It's either that or they're just beginning to take a break from it. Just like you did three months ago.

5. You find it hard to arouse your readership. See, your recent one post a month ratio these past three months make you easy to ignore. Most especially when, just recently, you're only bloghopping to solicit comments for your posts.

6. You begin to notice how pathetic your template looks like compared to those heavily updated and newly widget-ed blogs you used to visit. This makes for a great segue for number 7.

7. You begin to develop blog envy. That's penis envy for bloggers. This makes for a great segue for number 8.

8. You realize it's been three months, but you feel so left out and so last year.

9. You begin to think, in a fit of misguided righteous indignation, if you really regret going on a blog hiatus after all. But then you realize you're just saying that. You miss your folks alright. And you find out there's no changing that.

10. You realize that it's not how it used to be.


  1. i'm sure they'll come pouring back in soon

    love the penis envy reference...


  2. devilicious2:28 AM

    Aww.. Momel Dear.. Bryan's right.. they're still around fo sure..

    Sus.. nung wala ka nga pabalik balik pa din kami.. ngaun pa kaya na nagbalik loob ka na? :)

    We love you dear!!!!!!

  3. Wah! @ Bry

    Thanks! I needed that. Really. And I loved that you loved the penis envy reference. I had an inkling you might, though. He hee, muah!

    Why hello hello! @ Devilish

    Thanks a lot for the many different things you've been teaching me. I sobrang appreciated it. And thanks for the lift :)


    I love these guys

  4. hey momel! thanks for the comment. i noticed that too in my blog, unlike before I post daily but now, ever since i started to look for work again, the time interval between my posts are increasing from 2 to 4 days already. one reason is that i'm losing time and the other one is that i fear redundancy in my posts. anyway, blogging for me is more of a hobby. maybe next year, i'll have more things to write about.. hehe

  5. agree agree. pero seryoso, your blog's a great read. but if you have to have readers, then prostituting your blog is the way to go.

  6. Penis envy.. wahaa.... hehe..

    anyway, salamat sa dalaw sa blog ko.. Hope to read from you again soon.

  7. pare, salamat sa pagdaan sa blog ko. natutuwa naman ako sau...

    add kita ha. ^_^



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