Thursday, December 06, 2007

I Am Now Quitting Blogging...

I know you all might think that this is too sudden. But I've thought about this really, and it is with inconsolable regret that I cry out this announcement:

I am now prepared to completely discontinue this blog. And I have just signed up for a bigger house.

This house:

Ha ha haaa! I kid, I kid. This is my house, and there's no leaving. Not when I have a whole plenty of ideas to pitch. I'll see you more!

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Thanks to Eric Agulto for the idea and the application form!


  1. Plot: Kumuha si Bryan ng bangko upang tuntungan. Tumungtong siya sa bangko upang maabot ang mas matangkad na si Momel. At saka nya sinabunutan...

    ei come back girl...

  2. btw, feature kita sa blog kes...

  3. uyyy, I love that Bry! thanks thanks, muah!

    Cheers! That is still so heart-warmingest.

  4. wow nag google ako ng name ko at lumabas ang blog mo hahaha ancient na yung post just like me,



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