Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Technical Support Story #3: The Latest Windows XP

It's all fun and games until this customer type comes along.

We're doing a virus scan.
ME: That scan might take some time, sir. How long have you been using this computer anyway?
CUSTOMER: Uhmm, today.
ME: No, all your life?

Twenty minutes later and he wants to download a support program for his DSL connection. We went as far as the Download Page.
CUSTOMER: What do I do now?
ME: Tell me, what clickable options do you have in that webpage?
CUSTOMER: Well, there's Download _____ Tool... for Windows XP/2000 users, click here... for Windows vista users, click here...
ME: Oh okay. So which Windows do you have?
CUSTOMER: The latest.
ME: So you have VISTA?
ME: Okay. So you mentioned a DOWNLOAD LINK or button for Windows XP users, right?
ME: Can you try clicking on that button?
CUSTOMER: How about this one says Vista?
ME: No, that won't help.
CUSTOMER: So I click on this one here says XP?
ME: Sure, let's try that.
CUSTOMER: Oh there you go!
ME: Good job.
CUSTOMER: You're so very patient!
ME: Thanks. I know.

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