Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I Pity the Smoking Fool

I pity the fool who learned to smoke in the year 2000. This same fool had to quit school for a year because of some very stupid wreck. He had friends in the same boat. Misery loves company, but this company of fools decided to learn how to smoke. They learned this well, but trouble is, they elected to unlearn the quitting part of it.

I pity the fool who is now having problems controlling his addiction to ten sticks a day. He's now on his bad habit for seven years now, and he knows better than to sustain this addiction for another three years.

I pity the fool who has read somewhere that ten years of smoking is overly critical for any smoker who's been observing the habit with religious discipline. This fool refuses to verify that 10-year reference point on account of his digits could very well be wrong, and he's afraid that he might be smoking far longer than that.

I pity the fool who can't do much about his addiction but to blog about it.

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