Sunday, September 24, 2006

Remembering the Old Blog

So if a picture's worth a thousand words, then here's a couple of thousand for you all. This was what was left of my old blog, fondly entitled My Perverations. Perverted. Narrations. And a whole plenty of wordplay. It ain't completely dead yet as a number of my earlier posts, which includes Lemuel and The Bibliophile Post, belonged to that blog.

I wasn't as interested with HTML codes back then, so I had to settle with the default black Blogger template. I just wanted to blog, and I never had this need to impress. But then I started blog hopping and I realized how much my old blog sucked. Don't get me wrong, I'm referring to the format. I know I'm brilliant, but nobody's reading me. So I charmed my blog up, switched pantyliners, and voila, a Blahg of Bullshit.

It might be the same behavior which takes place when you know other people are watching. It's the height of caution at it's most conceited. Gone are the days when you can just go on ahead and write away your moments. It doesn't work anymore since, as a blogger, you're unknowingly pimping your moments for comments. You have to make it look presentable, if not good, since you know you are not trying to impress yourself anymore.


  1. aray ko. haha. i have to settle for the default templates since i have no idea how to do html.

    you should teach me. so i can pimp up my blog.

    i love your layout btw. especially the floating flies.


  2. :) hello Ira baby

    Flies rule!

    Ha haa, Cheers!

  3. Anonymous9:53 AM

    I couldnt agree more! Its a hell out there! lolz.. keep blogging man. But we MUST always remeber, we are to please ourselves first before any other bitch! mwuah!

  4. "I realized how much my old blog sucked. Don't get me wrong, I'm referring to the format. I know I'm brilliant, but nobody's reading me. So I charmed my blog up, switched pantyliners, and voila, a Blahg of Bullshit."

    Love the way you write down things, Momel! I'll keep on coming back even if you switch to the old template ;)

    Muah muah muah!

  5. I love the langaws...

    woofie woof mellie!

  6. yes. the blog is our journal.

    it makes sense to us. and that's the most important thing. a lot of us are reading you now.

  7. HTML codes...too much for me, too much! aaaahhhhh

  8. Thanks thanks! @ khalel

    Fo shizzle? Wow! :) @ sasha

    Yeah, I think that was something nice too. @ Bry

    But I'd love it better if other people liked what I'm journalizing about. He hee, HEY! what happened to you? @ erik

    Har har! @ Lala But you have a goodlooking blog yourself!

    Thanks guys! He hee, cheers y'all!


  9. Missed u!!

    mmm.. i dunno..but what catches my attention are the contents and ..uhmm..headers/titles???

    aba..onga noh??!! ngayon ko lang napansin yung mga "bangaw".. =)
    luv yah!

  10. You are most definitely spot on - you just bull's eyed me where it hurts. Ouch! You silly little 'twat'. I got the ho-hum default template as well. Honestly, you write so lovely you don't need em' flies to get into my pants.

  11. He hee @ I miss you too Devilish!

    Luv you back. Girl, I wasn't able to catch your YM Id, and I'm also looking forward to catching you online :)

    Miss you!

    Hey! @ howling

    You're making my writing sound like an aphrodisiac. Imagine that!

    He hee


  12. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Yeah, you need to pimp your blog para lang maka-receive ng maraming comments. Oh, and bloghopping works too! Hehe. :P

    Yun lang. :P

  13. hello @ jhed

    I don't do as much blog hopping since I am pretty happy with my roll.

    Thanks for dropping by! Cheers!

  14. i suck at blogging way backkkk DECEMBER, nung nag-start akong mag-blog. gaaaaaaaad. i really hate the things i've written at that old blog!!!

    now, i still suck at blogging. though there's an improvement.

    i'm pretty much contented with my links also; though pag may nakita akong sensible na blog - i trade links with them.

    'my perverations'
    sounds good to me. haha! :)

  15. If there's anyone here who sucks at blogging thats me. There are some blogs which I so want to make a comment but I couldnt find the right things to click and thats just for starters. My first post is "test". I deleted it later on. But I'm gettin there. (gulp!)
    Cool effect!!! (on the flies thingy)

  16. I like the part where the flies fly accross the screen... Keep it up momel and thanks for sharing me some how to's about blogging!

  17. oh, dear, am using a standard/free template. when i can finally come up with my own design, that'll be the day!



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