Sunday, February 20, 2011


**You know what they say about pictures and thousands of words, and you know how cliches arouse me, so I will allow these screen shots to tell you the story. And I was thinking of an enumeration of sorts, but I suppose you guys can refer to the timestamps instead. Forgive the images and their proportions that need a little more industry. For the nth time in my life, I was lazy.

I read the email a day later, and I missed the chance to have lunch with The Mistress of the Universe and Danton Remote. Imagine that.

There you go. I really don't do WAHHH, and I only make exceptions when I'm severely livid or if some guy finally finds my G-spot, which was just recently, so here.

Now, I have foamed in the mouth before over this wonderful book, Ribblestrop, so here's a link if you're interested.

It's Harry Potter on Crack, and The Perfect Mark Twain Quote Us Bloggers Can Use

Seriously, what gay nerd can say no to a free book?

This is it.

Now you know where to address those bomb threats, poisoned letters, or venus fly traps.

I can name one or two other things that are as exciting as this book, but I will not name it now because my mother is reading my blog from time to time. And she also sent me this email too, a comment on my blog in general, and I suppose I can post that when I'm running out of things to cannibalize.

Easy does it? Aw hell now. Pressured and Long Legged. That's what does it.

Yes, I can do three weeks.

Wish me luck, you darling punks.


  1. hahahahahaha, ang momelic ng responses. so fluid, so gay, so pak!

    lavet, momel. ikaw na ang may long-legged legs!

    (and when i pass by my home town which is also pasig citeeh, meet up tayo for more chikah.)

  2. ahahaha baklang bakla! go khie!! kaya mo yan!!

    goodluck!! muah!

  3. Anonymous7:12 PM

    'te next time book mo naman ang nirereview! bengga!

    may ningning,
    Bryan Stars!

  4. Much luck Amiga! =)

  5. Scary and creamy!

    Kiks -- Honga, dapat lang baklain ko, kasi hindi ako yun kung hindi ko ini-slang. Ay, Pasiguena ka rin fren? Lavet! Magkita tayo minsan pag may opportunity ano?

    Powkie -- Alam mo yan fren! Thanks!

    Amigang Bry -- Ow ey naman! Pero ansarap pakinggan, tapos puro flop ang review. Wahaha, syet sila!

    Amigang Joyce -- Aw, thanks Amiga! Naalala ko may blog ka na pala, add kita ha?

    Cheers Kiks, Powkie, Amigang Bry, and Amigang Joyce! Mabuhay Kayo! Muahness from Pasig Citehh!

  6. who would have thought that i'd stumble upon this incredible blog whose owner's on a first-name basis with THE jessica zafra?

    now i'm interested to dig this ribblestrop. send my regards to the twisted ruler of the universe. XD

  7. p.s. penge ng libro mo pag naging publisher mo na si jessica zafra. gusto ko 'yung may signature mo. hehe!

  8. Lio Loco -- Naipahiram ko minsan kay Glentot yung kopya ko nito dati, and naisoli naman niya ng maayos. Maganda to, brad. Kung gusto mo ay pahiramin kita. Para siyang Juvenile Hall Hogwarts, at mas maaksyon with a little horror on the side. You will love it if those things turn you on.

    Di naman first name basis masiado, di ko siya matawag ng ganun, out of sheer reverence na rin siguro. Kaya Madame ang tawag ko sa kanya.

    Etchusero ka sa pangalawang comment mo. Ahaha!

    Cheers Lio Loco! Mabuhay ka! Muahness from Pasig Citehh!

  9. Grabe ka Momel! Talagang email screenshots?????? Hahahahaa. I love.

    How are you? =)

    Mag March na! Naubos na ang winter hindi pa tayo nagkikita.

  10. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Mowhmehl!! THE Jessica Zafra?? Oh my gawd!! I'd kill to be in your place! (Hey, hope you still remember me, your bloggie buddy, PERLAS of malayangparuparo) Miss ya!

  11. juvenile hall hogwarts? it's gonna be the end of me. blown to smitheerens. so when will you lend it?

    not kidding on the complementary copy. your tome would surely be a ruckus! \m/

  12. My Yahoo Mail is also Yellow. Or Sand, I think, is the color they used. I was tempted to use pink but I thought I have been stereotyped most of my life I woudn't need to do that myself. :p

    I wondered if Ms. Zafra would understand your first response, then I saw how she replied, I couldn't help it, natawa me much. Nagkakaintindihan kayo sa salitang bakla! Gusto ko matuto! Hahaha.

    Pasig Citehh! Bwahaha. I remember that entry you wrote about Ribblestrop. I haven't read it yea, mag dodownload nalang ako ng PDF, tutal nasa mahirap na bansang Pilipinas naman ako kaya I have an excuse. Bwahahaha.

  13. Hindi ko alam pinag-chichika-han ni ni Madame Jessica Zafra pero naaliw ako sa pag-responde mo sa kanya.

    Baklaan lang teh? LOL


  14. kelangan ba talaga momel may "long legged?"....ahahhahahahaha

  15. You guys should watch I Spit On Your Grave. Obscene violence on a small pair of tits!

    Kane Pogi -- Heto, long legged and looking forward to finally meeting you bago ka umalis ng Pilipinas. Alam mo ba na I was supposed to meet up with the darlings YJ and Nyl two weeks back, but I had to back out the last minute. Maybe we can work something out this time around?

    Pearlieee! -- OH HOW CAN I FORGET YOU, DARLING PEARL! Alam mo namang isa ka sa mga earlier blogging buddies ko eh, and I won't forget your enthusiasm with the comments. Huy, Pearlie, ano bago mong URL? Yun pa rin ba?

    Lio Loco -- Ikaw, kelan ka ba available? Ako usually Sundays ng hapon, dian na lang sa Megamall para malapit. Dun kami nagme meet up ni Glentot eh. Walang problema, basta ingatan mo ha?

    Vajayjay -- Ahaha, nakakaloka nga eh, gets niya agad yung mga swardspeak. Feeling ko kasi eh karamihan sa mga underlings niya sa blog niya eh Becky Johnson ang American name, at very fluent ang kanilang accent lalo na sa mga comments. Plus madalas niyang naiku-kuwento yung mga frenships niyang Becky Johnsons kaya I'm sure hindi mawawala yung ganung influence.

    Who would've thought na walang problema sa kanya yung sward na correspondence? Ahaha, actually ngayon ko lang napagtanto na "Oo nga ano, more more swardspeak ang correspondence ni watashi."

    Uy, read Ribblestrop. It's a good looking book, if anything, and it will make for a handsome addition to your bookshelf.

    Ronnie -- Ampalayey! Flangetch! Shoot na shoot sa tambiolo ni Tita Maggie! Flat shoes na may takong! Confeerm na confeerm! Wahaha!

    Malditz -- Required yun, Bhie. Yun ang charms ko. Yun ang asim ng sinigang ko. Hindi ako yun pag walang long legged na involved.

    Cheers Kane, Pearlie (Welcome Back!), Lio Loco, Vajayjay, Ronnie, and Malditz! Mabuhay Kayo! Muahness from Pasig Citehh!

  16. Nababastusan ako sa address mo... Lopez Jaena... parang sounds like vagina...

    Yiiii Momel, next time na yayain ka nya for lunch, tiktikan mo naman ako. Kunwari mapapadaan ako kung saang lupalop man kayo lumalamon. May ganitong scene...

    "Momel?? Momel?? Is that you! It's me, Glentot, WICKEDMOUTH kapag online (kailangan dinig ni Jessica Zafra yung WICKEMOUTH), winner of LitWit Challenge 2.5. What a surprise!!!"

    "Yes it's me Momel!"

    "Can I get a picture with you???" I turn to Danton Remoto "Favor? Please?"


    "Thanks Momel." (I turn to Miz Zafra) "Since you're here, pa-picture na rin."

    Sabihan mo kung kelan ka free para magpractice...

  17. I was gonna say magpapa-autograph ako ng libro nang maalala kong may pirma na pala haha... Haiii kelan ko kaya sya mamemeet...

    Congrats Momel... I'll wait for your own book...

  18. napakalandeeeeeeeeeee

    ikaw na ang long-legged!

    at goodluck nih...


    sa susunod na pa-dinner ko ha! kailangan ang presence ng long legs mo!

  19. wow naman! ikaw na ang long-legged na ka-email ni Jessica Zafra!

    Must read that book.

  20. Glentot -- Wahaha, ikaw na ang mahaba mag comment at may part two pa! Uy, join ka sa pagbabalik no Powkie sa kanyang lupang tinubuan ng pubic hair, diba? Exciting yun!

    YJ -- Thanks fren! Honga, join talaga ako sa next dinner natin. Sana naman sumama si Kane Pogi! Hoy Kane, ano nah!

    Kaye -- Poging pogi yung Ribblestrop, fren, pero sana makuha mo na yung Twisted mo sa kin. Andito lang sa akin, at to quote Dingdong Avanzado, "Maghihintay sa iyo." Alam na!

    Cheers Glentot, YJ, and Kaye! Mabuhay kayo! Muahness from Pasig Citehh!

  21. Naku naku, may sideline na! Ikaw na talaga! :))

    Gusto ko rin ng libreng libro. Pero dahil anak ng bullshit ang kabaitan ng mga propesor ko, mukhang trenta na ako bago ko mabasa yan. Kung graduate na ako nun. :P

  22. Yuuki -- Wahaha, ayun naman at nagtatagalog ka rin pala eh! Palung palo, fren, nakakapanibago, pero haysowlavet!

    Una pa lang naman to, at nataon lang na pisil ko yung libro, kaya ako naman ay excited na mag-review ng libro. Hindi ko pa nga nare-receive yung aklat, pero may notes na agad ako this early. Buti na yung prepared, diba!

    Cheers Ichigo! Muahness from Pasig Citehh!

  23. Haha, ngayon lang pala ako nagtagalog dito? :))

    Naku naku, kakaintriga talaga ang libro na ito!



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