Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Momel's Top 7 Un-Funniest People in Philippine Showbiz

**Think of it this way: you can collect all their funniest moments and you have a four-minute compilation which includes the credits. And I really need to update this list. Any suggestions, you darling, darling punks?

1. Ruby Rodriguez
She's getting pied in the face by Tito, Vic and Joey for over ten years now, and none of that comic genius ain't rubbing off. She needs to learn that overacting is so totally not funny.

2. Raffy Rodriguez

Who says we don't have a Jim Carrey wannabe? I remember this Rodriguez for his exaggerated facial expressions and stretched grin. Maybe he was thinking that his sister's such a blockbuster with her excessive OA, he might as well adapt her secret to success to his blossoming showbiz career. We're talking about the same career which resigned itself to obscurity after three movies (It's Cool Bulol, April Boys' Sana Makapiling Ka Muli, and Ikaw ang Miss Universe ng Buhay Ko) within a four year span.

Unfunny brother on the left. Unfunny sister on the right. This was the best Raffy Rodriguez picture I can steal off the web. I suppose he was too unpopular for any publicity pictures himself.

3. Smokey Manaloto
He shared a house "along da riles" with Dolphy, and he appeared in at least 20 movies which included the classic SuperMouse and the Roborats ("Ilabas mo. Ang iyong. La-wit"). But he was never funny for some unknown reason.

4. Anjo Yllana

He did have his moments as Dino, Barbara Tengco's (Tessie Tomas) trigger-happy retarded kid in Abangan ang Susunod na Kabanata, but he's still corny due to his association with Smokey Manaloto as Count Takeshi. He's currently trying to channel Dino with his Bulagaan jokes, and that's what cemented him in my list. The retard kid's not as funny without the equally damaged, but in no way dull, Barbara Tengco.

5. Giselle Sanchez

If most comedians are smart at the very least, then it should follow that a magna cum laude is going to be a riot. She should be glad that she can still capitalize on her good skin and her nice rack. It's either that or she should practice catching trash from her SST audience.

6. Cita Astals

I heard she used to work as a councilor for the local government. Which was a good working environment for somebody with her comic mettle. Actually, any working environment with no room for comedy should be perfect for somebody with Cita Astals' comic mettle.

She currently has my sympathies.

7. Eric Quizon

Having the King of Philippine Comedy as your father doesn't necessarily make you the Princess by default. It doesn't work that way. Is it really that hard to be funny if you're still hiding in the closet? And who's in the mood for some irony? He used to co-star with Redford White in RPN's Buddy en Sol where he played the straight man to White's punchlines. FYI, "A straight man is a role in a comedy double act where a performer works with a comedian by setting up the situations or feeding the lines that allow their partner to make a joke."

Imagine the wordplay.

The King of Comedy, who has yet to receive the National Artist Award, is flanked by two of his unfunny sons -- Jeffrey on the left and Eric on the right.


  1. this is totally true! hahaha...

    and add to that list joey de leon...i loathe him.

  2. I soo hate Ruby Rodriguez as a comedienne!

    I think Joey's okay. I sometimes find myself laughing at his punchlines. But yeah, I actually asked people for their lamest Pinoy comedians, and Joey's a familiar name.

  3. would wait for the day when you write about our newscasters...can't wait what you'll say about Mike Enriquez and Julius Babao :)

  4. Anonymous12:21 AM

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  5. I have a couple of people I don't find funny:

    1. Jon Santos - I watched a video of his standup in Araneta years back where he was impersonating Ate V. His jokes were just lame. I pity the audience, especially the ones in front. They HAD to be polite and laugh.

    2. Dolphy - Sorry but I just don't get it. I probably outgrew Home Along too soon.

    3. This one isn't part of showbiz. There's this one standup comedian in Punch Line/Laff Line. He's fairskinned, chinito and is just plain unfunny. His jokes are copied from someone else, he laces his routine with references to his "fabulous" life (translatable to "ANG YAMAN YAMAN KO!") and sings unheard of songs from whatever circa. He's so annoying but what annoys me more is that I don't even know his name.

    I guess to put Willie Revillame on this list will spark a debate so let this suffice.

  6. bihira naman talaga akong manood na ng pinoy tv at film...kaya wala akong mahugot sa pekpek ko ngayon kung sino ang nakakapag patawa sa akin at di ako nakokornihan,hehehe

    sa mga gay patok napapatawa talaga ako!!

  7. Apir tayo kay Ruby and Raffy
    (i bet mas madami pang napatawa si lemuel- yeah your telemarketer friend)

    I find Giselle awkay.

    Howbout Bayani Agbayani?

  8. you should include willie...ahahaha...there was a time na gusto kong itapon ang tv dahil lahat sa bahay eh siya ang pinapanood,,,imagine the agony? 6 versus one..kaya wala akong magawa kundi iiyak nalang ang inis.ahahaha...

    i dont even know that ruby has a bro..lols..good thing I dont watch tv...yeah..

  9. i actually like giselle sanchez.

    i also kinda like dolphy. there was this episode of a sitcom where dolphy deadpanned several green jokes. he was good.

    joey and willie are unfunny.

    pokwang was funny in wowowee but not in movies.

  10. I totally agree with Ruby Rodriguez. Just because you wear bedsheets doesn't mean you're funny. And I do not know who Raffy Rodriguez is. :(

    I used to think Smokey Manaloto and Anjo Yllana were funny. But then again, they got most of their airtime when I was like 6 years old so..
    And who's Eric Quizon again? Oh, that one. I don't even understand how people find Dolphy funny. It's probably a generation thing but I never really laghed at anything he did on TV.

    I suggest including Tito Sotto who tries too hard and all he ever achieves is being incredibly annoying, Shalala who gets paid by looking like a fool by shrieking on national television, and some of the people who were in Bubble Gang like Alfred Vargas and the Starstruck people.

  11. i think Smokey isn't really cut for funny roles.... but i f you see him portraying in a drama... pak na pak naman siya...

    yeah Joey and Willie will have to be at the top of my list!

    "Having the King of Philippine Comedy as your father doesn't necessarily make you the Princess by default."


  12. Agreed on #1.

    Giselle is alright, I guess.

    This is probably a different genre but what about that guy who had a show on Qtv, I think it was... A late night show where he styles his hair into a pompadour and does a bad impersonation of Conan O'Brien? Jojo something or other.

    I thought that was just sad.

  13. I agree on most points. I don't find Tuesday Vargas funny as well. And don't get me started on Willie Revillame. He's not just unfunny; he's laugh is annoying and plain obnoxious!

  14. Anonymous12:23 AM

    i'm disappointed because:
    1. your list is too short...parang puke shorts ko lang...
    2. was rooting for Vhong Navarro!

    it just shows you are kind, amiga.

    Bryan Stars

  15. Anonymous2:11 AM

    it's funny how you zeroed in ruby rodriguez's, err...lack of funny bone. i always wondered how such a plump woman can get her way out of a comedic line without being stoned to death for being unfunny.

    the problem with comedy here in the philippines is that we take humor at its face value. thus, people who are ugly or fat or stupid are supposed to be funny. in contrast, note how some of the best comedians in the US are pretty much sane and normal, in the strictest sense of the word, without any birth defect or cognitive dysfunction.

    re: lemuel

    just the perfect case of my point, exactly. to be stupid is to be funny when all the while i always thought you had to be smart to be funny.

  16. Oh dear, I apologize for this astonishing delay!

    Lala -- I wish I could write about our newscasters, but there isn't enough spite to inspire that brilliant idea. You know how I work, darling. I use spit for ink. I have a soft heart for our media people mostly because they've been through enough.

    Glentot --

    1. Jon Santos was my favorite impersonator. He was such a hit in the 90s up to the early 2000s that I reserved a special place in my idolatry for his amazing impersonations. By and by, his material aged with him, but it didn't mature, and there's the problem. He used to be a favorite.

    2. The young Dolphy was such a hit when he was kicking it with Panchito and Chichay and the golden comedians of old. I think the problem now is that he's working with little or no quality, and his fading comic dazzle can only glow so much.

    3. I don't know this faggot you're referring to, but I totally agree on the comic bearing of that ANG YAMAN YAMAN KO premise. It's been done to death, and the only way one can pull that off is through some wicked deadpan. I wonder how he got through the screening process. It may be that it was a bad day for auditions.

    4. Willie's got this something about him, this punch, this spit, this comic daring that modulates his punchlines and makes them bearable. I find myself smiling at him, from time to time. He's got the asshole spunk, and I love that about him. He should lose the attitude, though. That will be the death of him.

    Powkie -- Mabuhay ang mga bakla!

    Orally -- You know Raffy? Ahaha, I guess you're an 80s kid, noh? Giselle enrolled in the Ruby Rodriguez School of Overacting, which is why I never liked her comedy. Aha, what about that out of work charity case Bayani Agbayani?

  17. Malditz -- Medio disagree ako diyan, Bhie. Kupal yung isang yun, pero natatawa ako sa kanya for some reason. Oo, meron dating Raffy Rodriguez, pero awa ng Diyos eh nag fade na lang ang kanyang bituin at hinayaan na lang niyang si Ate Ruby ang maghasik ng kakornihan.

    Nishiboy -- It's not enough that he's got a theater named in his honor. Dolphy needs to bag the National Artist Award. Joey did have his moments, but he's getting more and more annoying in Eat Bulaga. Aha, so true on the Pokwang bit. Agent X44 sucks a big fat cock.

    Vajayjay --

    I suggest including Tito Sotto who tries too hard and all he ever achieves is being incredibly annoying, Shalala who gets paid by looking like a fool by shrieking on national television, and some of the people who were in Bubble Gang like Alfred Vargas and the Starstruck people.

    You should be a detective, darling. I love this!

    YJ -- Yeah, I agree with Smokey's dramatic mettle; his doing comedy was mostly a bad career choice.

    Sitting Pretty -- Jojo Alejar! That's just hands down golden, no contest. I remember watching him those late nights and retching in secret at his lame attempts at becoming David Letterman. But then, he's one of those "so damn bad its borderline good" exceptions that I confess I'm having second thoughts.

    Arwind -- Obnoxious is so right on the butt. And I'll stop there. Ahaha!

    Amigang Bry -- Oh yeah, Vhong Navarro. He started out as the Streetboys' funny bone, and he looked the part too, and we are led to believe that all the choreography took its toll on their constitution. The funny bone was the first to break, and it ceased to be funny, not that it was funny to begin with, but it had some staying power for some reason, and he became a comedian instead. I don't know how that happened, but he should just quit making people laugh and just take off his shirt, because I have this thing for thin people, and he will be far more entertaining that way.

    Lio Loco -- Perhaps its because we grew up to the Lait Kind of Comedy. But then, their Yo Momma jokes vary no differently from our endearing insults, so your Humor at Face Value premise still holds water. Honga noh, I wonder why that is?

    Cheers Lala, Glentot, Powkie, Orally, Malditz, Nishiboy, Vajayjay, YJ, Sitting Pretty, Arwind, Amigang Bry, and Lio Loco! Mabuhay Kayo! Muahness from Pasig Citehh!

  18. on glentot's comment, i love jon santos. Or maybe, mababaw lang ako talaga that's why he is still my favorite. Watched him in two The Company's concerts and i'd say i've never laughed harder. As for Jojo Alejar, he is way toooo corny he eventually emerges funny. Haha!

    You cracked me up with your reference to eric as comedy princess by default. Hahaha!

    I find pokwang so unfunny especially when she impersonates annabel rama. Too OA. And just because she wears those ridiculous outfits and hair accessories/wigs doesn't mean she's funny. Soooo no way!

    Next, you should write about who you find funny so we can again compare notes.

    Oh and if you must know, yes, i'm using my phone to read your posts. Again. What else is new, eh?

  19. hahahaha.. nice mommel. this is sooo true!



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