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Presented for Your Orgasmic Pleasure, A Blog Review: Mandaya Moore

**This is the first time I'm doing a blog review. And, for modesty's sake, I really can't honestly think of a better blog to shine and be such a fag about.

**And if you're straight and horny, I apologize for the inconvenience but I'm still delaying the story behind Breastfeeding in Cabs.

Mandaya Moore
TOPICS: Lovelife, Crazy and Endearing Homos, "Oh Yeah" moments
2007 (And there are clues that tell us he might be writing earlier than that)

Bakit Ako Nawala? (Why I Went Missing)

Yes! With occasional pictures of half-naked barrio men in their wholesome jail-free goodness!


1. Sugal (Gamble)

2. Sister DJ

3. Hindi Na Ako Sanay
(No Longer Used To, a prime refresher on foreplay)
4. Amigas

LINK: Mandaya Moore

This blog illustrates (gay verb) a working picture of the barrio (urban neighborhood) and then effectively marries that with the universal appeal of the funny gay guy. I like it because he writes about real things, and it's the kind of biting reality that most of us queers are living. Yes, that includes you.

It hasn't enough drama, and that is exactly the kind of gay blog that we need. Sure, it has its moments (like the Kulot days), but he's killer funny when he's in the mood. And that's almost always. Mandaya knows how to tell a funny story, builds up to the punchline with a series of quick nips and then wraps it all up with

a. a hilarious JPEG (mostly of his friends, Fiona comes to mind, or of his current lover on the infamous Green Sofa)
b. a really funny line

He's very consistent with his style of writing; he's wickedly deadpan. Funny is as funny does, there's just no excuse for it, and the writing is. Just. Perfect. They say a good writer makes you care about what you're reading, and this is exactly the kind of hot shit that Mandaya Moore Orlis is all about. He maintains this excellent writing juju all throughout, which probably explains why I didn't mind reading through ALL his posts. He uses very simple, but effective, Tagalog words in his posts, and swardspeak (local gay talk, only in the Philippines) is set to a bare minimum, thank you very much.

He's got this fantastic recall that found the best employment in most of his posts that needed dialogues. You'd think all his conversations were chat transcripts from your preferred instant messaging program, but no. How in God's green earth does one explain that effective remembrance? You have got to spill the beans on that, Mandaya Moore.

I never got myself bored in the research process. But then, in retrospect, it's not much of a research process as it is a hilarious walk in the park. He's all that gay sunshine in your pocket, until I got to this picture of his lover Kulot, and he was waiting for a bus. This was preceded by the termination of their six year relationship. That image stopped me cold in my giggling tracks, suspended all that laughing from his prior posts, and then I was simultaneously sad. I honestly wasn't expecting that, didn't know where that came from, and that's exactly what makes him fantastic.

I can relate to a lot of things that he wrote about (from the lover to the group of friends), and that's what makes it closer to home. Home may not be in the barrio, but it's got that universal two-snaps-in-a-circle type of ferosh juju that makes us gays stand out.


  1. Tumpak! Kakatuwa ang mga karanasan nina Mandaya and friends sa barrio. Kulang na lang na mapansin ni Mother Lily!

  2. Ahaha @ Lyka

    The research was delightful with the kind of material that Mandaya Moore was keeping us entertained with.

    Cheers Lyka! And thanks for dropping by!

  3. You made me want to read the posts that I missed. And use ferosh juju in my next post. :)

  4. Go for it! @ Manech

    It's a real motherfucking laugh trip, I tell you. Truly, the gays do funny it like it's nobody else's business.


  5. Everyone's crazy about Mandaya Moore. I told a fellow blogger about him last night. When he asked me to describe Mandaya, I said, "Kung sa PBB pa, siya si Keanna Reeves. Nagpapakatotoo lang talaga kaya gustong gusto siya ng mga tao."

  6. Yup @ Ex Jason

    And then he's funny too and a great writer at the same time. Well, he's gay, so that's almost a given. At least the funny business.

    Cheers Ex Jason! And thanks for dropping by!

  7. Anonymous7:57 PM

    hmm makes me go curious about it. nice for mandaya moore, hilarious pen name haha :)

  8. Three words @ Barry Cyrus

    Get to it.

    And another three more -

    Read him now.

    And then another

    You're still here?

    Cheers Barry Cyrus! And thanks for dropping by!

    And if you're not a blogger, then what do you call your web logging? Thrill me!

  9. I resort to reading funny blogs written by homos (Baklang Maton in the Suburbs, etc) when I feel like I need a quick laugh without having to commit some time to really read. Their blogs are really, as you call it, "sunshine in your pocket".

    I don't go to this blog a lot but I remember a story where he broke up with a guy and he cancelled their business project (I think it was a bakery) - by tearing the building down. That's the right kind of crazy.

  10. Momel,

    I first heard of Mandaya Moore after Rudeboy recommended him. I read all his entries, I spent days tracing back his life in the past three years.

    It was very refreshing to hear his stories, because I guess few people talk about what it's like to be gay in the barrio. I still love his Kulot stories. I started at the point where they had already broken up, and as I went back and back in the past, I begun to understand who he was to Mandaya and what they meant to each other.

    Reading it that way gave it a certain irony, like watching a film but you already know the ending.

    But now, the real question is: Are you going to feature other blogs and give unfavorable reviews? =)


  11. dear momel,

    nakakataba ka ng puso. sa sobrang taba, para na akong may suso.

    teka, magandang liya yon a.


    maraming salamat. hayaan mo, itutuloy ko ito.

  12. Amen! @ Glentot

    You can count on the homo blogs for that quick fix, bar none. Well, let me take that back. I've been doing a lot of hopping lately, and there are really funny blogs outside of the fag community. Not to brown nose, but that is why I added you to my roll.

    Cheers Glentot! And thanks for dripping by!

  13. First off @ Kane

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. This is fucking over the top.

    That being said, I am still rooting for Kulot. I want to say Team Kulot, but that shit's just tired and stupid and over-used and rotten.

    But now, the real question is: Are you going to feature other blogs and give unfavorable reviews? =)

    Well, I might go on ahead and do that; I already have several blogs that I'm just positively itching to highlight. But I will do exclusively favorable reviews. I submitted my blog for an I Talk Too Much review back in 2007, and they bleached my being to the bone with all that scathing criticism. Here's what they said:

    Fuck you. I hate you. This is as far as I get in this black template from hell, written by a guy whose second language is English and who posts about dead rape victims.

    Fucking dickhead.

    I wouldn't want to throw that kind of feedback around. Believe it or not, I still have some principle left in me.

    Cheers Kane! And thanks for dripping by!

  14. And he's here!

    I'm glad you liked it!@ Mandaya Moore

    nakakataba ka ng puso. sa sobrang taba, para na akong may suso.

    In a word: LAVET! That post wasn't meant to suck up. Hell no. It's just that it's the most I can do for fierce bloggers like you that write well and remain entertaining at the same time.

    Cheers Mandaya Moore! And thanks for dripping by!

  15. aktuli mel nong isang araw pa ako nagcocomment sayo..error lagi..kaurat lang!!

    nadalaw ko na ang bahay ni Mandaya M. ang sarap ngang basahin...salamat sa link!

    Tenchu din sa pagdalaw mo sa kubo ko. Wag mong pababayaan ang sarili mo pag nandon ka ha..may meryenda laging nakahanda sa reyp...saging at suman! kain lang ng kain!

  16. And she's here!

    Hello! @ p0kw4ng

    I think I know what error you were getting: Comment too horny? Haha! Glad you liked Mandaya Moore's blog; that was one of my purposes for doing a review - further exposure. Not like he needed it, he's got a page rank of 4, but I was certain that he will entertain a lot of other people. So there.

    Tenchu din sa pagdalaw mo sa kubo ko. Wag mong pababayaan ang sarili mo pag nandon ka ha..may meryenda laging nakahanda sa reyp...saging at suman! kain lang ng kain!

    Warms my very liver. Thanks!

    Cheers P0kw4ng!



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