Saturday, September 25, 2010

I Just Got Home From Cocktails With Jessica Zafra

And I'm still wasted from all that good cheer! I just met with the Mistress of the Universe, and what of it? Oh, it was intense! There will be a dedicated post, soon, written in that signature mental masturbation that you guys will grow to love/hate/pray for. Meanwhile, meet Richard Hadede. He's my entry to her latest LitWit Challenge, and, of course, a comment from the Mistress of the Universe.

Momelia: Hysterical! You have staked a claim on the comic-absurdist territory in these contests. While reading this piece I imagined Meatloaf and his giant breasts in Fight Club. Could you be. . .the gay Chuck Palahniuk?!

I don't know a Chuck Palahniuk, but it's Jessica Zafra, and you don't get things like these everyday. I heart it. And speaking of getting things, here's an autograph:

I call myself Momelia in her blog because "nakaka-babae yon." Same gay jerk anyway. Meanwhile, this is my new favorite picture now. Thanks, Ms. Zafra! I had a blast! And you guys, QSDN, sad_ism, cochise_miz -- I totally forgot your offline names, forgive me, but You. Guys. Rock!


  1. Isn't Chuck palahniuk already gay???

    I'm so so so envious. I should've entered that contest and stood a chance... NOT. I'll just wait for an easier challenge and pray. Haha. Was she cruel? Wicked? Tell us!

  2. Hi! @Glentot

    No idea about that Palahniuk guy, but the meet up was INTENSE! Ha, I've been using intense a whole lot recently, but what else can I say? Oh I will write about the whole experience, sure will, and it will be sweet.

    I really liked your last post, Glen. Satisfied my daily recommended allowance of assholery.

    Cheers Glentot!

  3. ang cute ng signature nya..pabaliktad! ano ngang tawag sa ganyan..yung pabaliktad magsulat? engot ko lang at di ko matandaan...magaling din daw nyan si Leonardo da Vinci eh...

  4. Hello good morning! @ Pokwang!

    Honga eh, ang dahilan daw kung bakit ganyan ang signature niya eh out of boredom raw. Promise, yun ang explanation niya, pero ni-google ko kung may specific na tawag sa ganyan, wala akong makita. Malamang neto eh I'm not looking good enough.

    May assignment na ko agad!

    Cheers Pokwang!

  5. I'm not a Palahniuk expert or anything, but I see the association as a really good thing. Ibig sabihin, you kick gay ass.

    Can't wait for the meet-up post. I wanna read the fanboy in you. :)

  6. Why thank you! @ Manech

    And it doesn't get no better than hearing it from the One Female I've been trying to impersonate all these years. I hope they don't get it the wrong way, though. Impersonation, in writing terms, is borderline plagiarism, and I made sure to never ever use any of her glittering paragraphs. Scout's honor. Girl scout's honor.

    Yes, I'm making sure the meet up post will glow like the sunshine it delivered to my person.

    Cheers, Manech! And please try to submit to her LitWit Challenges. There's a storyteller in you, and you'd do good to get her critique.

  7. Momel, regarding my shitty movie reviews, I do commit it all to memory. Sometimes, in the middle of it, I whip out my phone and type notes when I think of something wicked to say. Almost all my reviews are from the cinemas, so I can't hit pause. Still when watching at home I rarely hit pause, because then the stupid disc will hang.

    So after watching and I get home in front of my PC and just start typing, that's why I rarely come up with anything brilliant, it's all just me whining about how the world is a piece of shit. It comes naturally.

  8. Don't worry. I see the association, but not the plagiarism. It must be because your such a girl of your word. Girl scout, that is.

    There are also some women who, well, inspire me. There's Conchitina Cruz and there's this other blogger who now goes by the name Illyria. Had I been wired differently, I would've loved for them to have my babies.

    And yes, Momel, I will. Soon. And that's the girl scout in me talking.

  9. Ah @ Glentot

    That's some wickedly impressive recall you got there, for you to remember all that detail, most especially on your recent review on Phobia 2. I used to work differently with my reviews; I anal rape that pause button. And that was mighty tiring, and so I stopped doing it altogether.

    it's all just me whining about how the world is a piece of shit. It comes naturally.

    Amen to that. And we can see the bullshitting, too!

    Cheers Glentot!

    And yet again, thanks! @ Manech

    Do tell, is Conchitina Cruz a writer? A blogger? What does she write about? And how? Of course I can go on ahead and Google, but seeing as you're a fan, I'd like to know her from your point of worship. Love that phrase, wired differently, and I really think you ought to give the LitWit Challenges a try, if only for the feedback.

    Cheers Manech!

  10. wow! congrats!
    seems like you had a blast.

    yep, i've red somewhere that palahniuk accidentally confessed that he's gay.

    and isn't her signature a form of anagram? words that you can read backwards or something like that?



  11. Ohhh @ Bulitas

    So he confessed that he's gay? Perhaps I can do some reading on that. And yes, finally, something I can work with -- ANAGRAM. I've always wondered what that's called ever since Ms Pokwang raised that bit of trivia.

    Thanks for dropping by!

    Cheers you!

  12. Conchitina Cruz is a local poet. A beautiful one at that. Not that it affects my orientation. Anyway. She's published a chapbook and two books of poetry, all of them kick-ass (of course).

    She has this way of flipping a thought, or moving from one thought to another, or compounding them, without losing the gracefulness, the lyricism in her tone. Ugh. I always find it frustrating to describe her because I always feel like I'm not giving her work justice. That's the fanboy in full blow.

    She's also a blogger, btw. The url is :)

  13. Ohh @ Manech

    I did the reading, and there doesn't seem to be any poems with what I was able to browse through so far. As far as her wordpress blog goes. Or maybe I haven't been reading too long. But you know what, I love it that I didn't encounter no poems while I was at it. I could do poems like I could do females, and that's never going to happen. I really don't, for some odd, unexplainable reason, and I really can't get myself to liking them. The poems AND females, that is.

    However, her blog's an easy read. The thought stands, and she owns a cat. Or rather, the cat owns her. Minggoy's fat, well fed, and spoiled. I love her for that.

    And she's cute, too. Ms Cruz, that is.

    Cheers you!

  14. momel, you're crazy. when i met with her at a book fair she didn't even look at me when i handed her twisted book for her to sign. it was a given but i thought, what a bitch, but it was really fine by me and it was typical and very much in character. that she arranged for cocktails with bloggers and ended up getting chummy with you, not that i've been imagining how you are as a person, from what you've told so far, i have to say, weird! also got me to think, what kind of a person you are. i just find it interesting is all.

  15. Ahahaa @ Pat

    I am almost done writing about it, and I will be posting this week. I wouldn't say chummy; I was just being down with her and everybody else in that table. Now that you mentioned it, maybe they liked my kind of crazy.



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