Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blog Soup #9: Propelling the Trapped Snot Out of Jessica Zafra's Nose, Prince Poppycock, and The Next Nice Post!

So I entered Jessica Zafra's LitWit 3.6 challenge last week, and we were assigned to explain what happened to that hot dude on that picture to the left. I wrote a love story with cats that speak German, and this is what she said:
Momelia: This morning I woke up with a dry throat and nasal congestion. I went out for brunch, drank three pots of tea and felt better, but by 5pm I had a fever. It went away after a long nap, but my nose was still clogged. Then I read your story and the laughter propelled the trapped snot out of my nose. Thank you! Since you describe yourself in your blog as my female impersonator, then the PK in your story is you. (Amsterdam is not a country.)
PK is Pussy Kamagong, and she's the heroine in my story. That's a porn name. Again, your porn name = the name of your first pet + the name of the street where you lived as a child.

I didn't win that challenge, but we (some of her favorite entries) got invited to drinks; I will be meeting Jessica Zafra for the first time this Saturday! I will get shitfaced with the One Female I think I've been sincerely impersonating all this time. It just doesn't get any better than that, noh?

I have won two of her LitWit challenges before, and I'm just saying. And I also call myself Momelia because, and to quote our local vernacular champions, "nakaka-babae yun." I'm thinking of using Pussy Kamagong, too, for the same reasons.

Speaking of gay influences, submitted herein for your daily dose of crazy fantastic: Prince Poppycock!

That link redirects to a You Tube video with this amazing, amazing talent. If you have time, go on ahead and watch it, and then in the wake of his brilliance, ask yourself this -- Figaro?

The Next Nice Post is not really a post per se; I'm referring to the bullshit pick up line that anonymous blog hoppers make for acknowledgment. That usually precedes the self-indulgent "Exchange links?"

Nice Post! Exchange links?

These days, its "Beautiful, well-written post." My problem with this up-and-coming cliche is that these comment-farming dicks don't even care to expound. How beautiful is it? Which parts are well written? It's a link to a Sexual Reassignment Clip on YouTube, and I wonder what well-written post you're referring to? I just copy-pasted my Facebook status, "My eyes hurt, my body's sore in all the wrong places, I've been feverish for a week now, and my blood count's awful low;" You think dengue is beautiful? Tell me you don't get what I wrote, but you find me an endearing jerk that you'd like to add me to your roll. I would gladly comply. But give me something vague and saltless and a general waste of space like "Beautiful, well-written post," and it's my finest foul mouthing in your general direction.

Hijo de puta, blogging used to be a creative waste of time in 2004. Now it's just rhetoric whoring.

Credits to Jessica Rules the Universe for that delicious rugby player's picture.


  1. sa akin nga may nagcomment ng "nice post," tapos nagbebenta ng fake designer bag

  2. I saw poppycock on the tonight show a few nights back. he was with ross the intern. so gay but so funny.

    now, that last bit was delicious. my friends and i often joke about the ever elusive generic comment. nice post. nakarelate ako dito. xlinks? you're right and it's something new bloggers don't really get. back in the day, blogging was very different. it was dynamic, there was poise and respect and tons of false modesty. i guess i'm just not brave enough to say it so thank you for expressing it. :)

  3. When citybuoy said "my friends and i often joke about the ever elusive generic comment. nice post. nakarelate ako dito. xlinks?" that includes me, we talk about it all the time. Some even go as far as saying "Ang ganda ng structure!" on every blog post the comment to and I'm talking about Jepoy pekpek.

  4. "Hijo de puta, blogging used to be a creative waste of time in 2004. Now it's just rhetoric whoring."

    Amen. I'm all for whoring, but not if it involves blogging. I love it too much to have it mixed with my other pleasures.

    BTW, beautiful, well-written post.

  5. Top of the morning you all!

    Exactly! @ Mandaya

    It used to be that a generic comment precedes a fucking endorsement. So we added word verification to address these spammers. Now it's just bloggers and their endorsements that get past the verification, and that's an entirely different level of annoying.

    Cheers, you funny thing you!

    Oh, hello! @ Citybuoy

    Ross the intern -- he's this high pitched faggot who does segments for Jay Leno, right? And he's got Poppycock with him? Oh that will be devilish! I appreciate the heads up! Ah, and thanks for the brave enough bit, but modesty aside and with truth to the letter, I'm just being an honest jerk.

    Thanks for dripping by, and don't get tired, will you?

  6. Damn straight! @ Glentot

    They load these endorsements with all the shining, glittering palaver they can scavenge, but it's still the same song and dance that leads to link-farming. Motherfucking sinverguenzas.

    AND I will still be having cocktails with The J-Zaf to an eighty percent certainty. Hehee!

    Now @ Manech

    Why doesn't that BTW, beautiful, well-written post surprise me? Hahaa, I just knew one of you guys will push that, just to be a jerk, and I like that when it comes from somebody that's already in my roll.

    Cheers to you, loverboy!

  7. congrats!

    i enjoyed reading your entry. pussy kamagong ftw! haha.

    i can feel the rage here.

    x LiNkz p0wHz?!


  8. Oi! @ Bulitz

    How's the lover hanging these days? Thanks for dripping by, and while you're at it, you mind telling what your porn name is? He hee, its the name of your first pet PLUS the name of the street where you lived in as a child. There. Oh and the rage thing? You know I'm a jerk, right, so that's how I write. Ahaa, not to be a dumb shit, but what's FTW?

    Hehee, apir Bulitz!

    Oh and you guys, if you can please tell me what your porn name is? It's the name of your first pet PLUS the name of the street where you lived in as a child. Thanks!

  9. I love that game!!! A high school classmate was Tumbok Sunflower and I also ran into Brownie Dimagiba back in college. Mine's not so special. It's Nikki Rosal. It makes me sound so... innocent? (cue Britney Spears) lol

  10. Ahaha! @ Citybuoy

    I'd love to see Tumbok Sunflower and Nikki Rosal roll in the credits of Manila Exposed.

    Thanks Citybuoy!

  11. Ahhh Momel, I have noticed you are so particular about blog etiquette, having authored several entries on it. =)

    Sometimes though, there are some stories just leave me speechless.

    I get torn between leaving a heartfelt comment like "Beautiful" and keeping quiet since there is nothing more I can say.

    And oh, do tell us about your drinking session. =)


  12. Etiquette is a big word @ Kane

    But, for all the right purposes, I think it fits like a ribbed condom. And as for me, if I really have nothing to say about a blogger's post, then I'd still say something, just to acknowledge their recent creative output. That is a challenge though, but that's an interesting challenge just the same, and it brings out the inner jerk in all of us.

    And fo shizzle mah nizzle, I will write about the drinking session!

    Cheers Kane! And thanks for dripping by!

    Not to be a slut, but what was your porn name again? Hehee

  13. Errr... You mistake me for someone else Momel. I'm rather discrete and do not indulge in lewd behavior.


  14. Agreed! @ Kane

    Forgive me, for I'm a bottomfeeding jerk. Human, all too human, and obscene, too, with all that daring chutzpah that overflowed from a spittoon. And will you still keep on dropping by?

    Cheers Kane!

  15. Congratulations pa rin Momel! Regards kay Mama Jessica. This is a very nice post. Ching!

  16. Thanks!@ Lyka

    I'm so over the top excited for this coming Saturday! Baka maihi ako dun sa Le Francaise! Kagulo to mammeee! Ahaha, there will be pictures!

    So, on a different note, ika nga ni Ms Mandaya Moore, afam ka na nga ba? Wow, congratulations!

    Cheers Lyka! And thanks for dripping by!

  17. I figured as much Momel, so I grabbed the balls, este, opportunity while it's still there.

    And loverboy? Puhleeez. Haha.

    P.S. It's so wonderful to see a lot of blog love happening right here. :D

  18. It warms me to the very liver! @ Manech

    Seeing all those hits and all these comments comforts me to the very marrow. I must be doing something good this time around. Thank you goes a long way, y'all!

    Cheers to you, lovergirl?

    Ahaha, I kid.

    Cheers to you, Manech!



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