Tuesday, March 09, 2010

More Hate! Or Updating the Hate List Part Two

**You'd think I have a story to tell by the way numbers 50 and 51 are highlighted.

46. Imagined life lessons from the mouths of sheltered little boys and girls who talk wise about shit like they're the next big Maya Angelou or something. Stop cluttering my Facebook Page with what second hand senseless shit you picked up from your similarly clueless friends. Listen here, kid, move out of your parents' house, start supporting yourself, and then tell me about it.

47. People who just can't move on. He doesn't love you no more, and he couldn't have made it any more distinct when he gave you the finger two years back. And you're still depressed over the same thing?

48. Tagalized songs. I know we're a mostly smiling race, in our own funny third world way that is, but seriously people. Shut the fuck up already, will you?

49. Cab and tricycle drivers who overcharge AND THEN have the balls to tell you that you should be aware of such overnight fare increases in the first place. And then you find out the next day, to your chagrin, that nobody approved of these increases to begin with.

50. Fixers who wasted no time in hypnotizing your full payment out of you to have that passport renewed. These are the same cheating motherfuckers who took their time in processing your passport. And that's if you were lucky enough to have any such transactions occur in the first place. Oh I so hate this now with the white-hot loathing that uncharacteristically gullible people reserve for two-bit scammers.

51. Mysterious turns in the business processes. Like when the business office suddenly closed shop on the same day they scheduled you for your personal appearance.

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