Thursday, November 23, 2006

They Thought I Was Trying to be Funny

I'm happy as a dickhead, but to go out of her way and be more particular warms my heart.

I liked the review. I give it a

Oh, she was referring to my Cats in Hampers post.


  1. purrrrrrrrr

    awayin ba daw kasi ang kuting



  2. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Sick Sick Sick......totally agree with IT2M........some sick wierdo's around here

  3. LOL! The Review just made me laugh.

    IT2M is all for laughs. LOL!

  4. Some people you really can't please, right? :D

  5. You're back! @ Bry

    I missed you!


    Yeah @ Anonymous

    You should have read the comments...

    Eat your heart out.

    Well @ Jigs

    It warmed my heart. Really it did. Now, I have other people validate what I've always thought I was all along.

    Freaking rock and roll!

    He hee...

    Exactly @ Shari

    You win some. And then you lose some. But hey, publicity makes sure they check things out. So I guess that's a good thing. If anything, they added to the incoming traffic.

    I'm just wondering why all this attention on the cat post. I have, like, 97 posts prior to that one.

    Oh yeah, first impressions.

  6. publicity is always good eh?

    how high did your counter shoot up?

  7. Hello hello! @ Ira

    The good and bad of publicity is one and the same thing. I don't need that much, though, but it's all good.


  8. Any publicity is good publicity, because it adds to your incoming traffic. Nice, nice. Haha!

    Alam mo, ganyan lang talaga yung mga commenters. Dahil ayaw nilang mapunta dun sa "hot spot," agree lang sila ng agree that they find the blogs disgusting. Plastic? :D

  9. and momel, tama ka, why just the last post?

    wth do they know, diba?

    there's more to you than just throwing cats in hampers. i see it, your regulars see it. *huggies*

    although, it is nice to be talked about sometimes :)

  10. I said you were evil didn't I? LOL. It was obvious you were not trying to be funny. The bleeding twat failed to make out that this is:


    Hahaha!!! They probably didn't view your complete profile... So they don't really know how twisted you are.

    What a bunch of utter fucks.


  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Hahaha! I deleted my second post. It was ugly.

    I can feel that some people fail to understand what this is all about and what you are trying to say here... And yet some are too happy to run with a pudding head like Forrest. A metaphor no matter how bad it is, is a metaphor.

    Comment: "#1 - omfg, as a total animal lover I want to skin this guy alive and give him a vinegar bath."

    A self righteous twat with such taste for gratuitous violence.

    Another reason why there are loads of people out there who think they found their saviour then stick a bomb up their arses and run around in a murderous frenzy. Bloody idiots.

    Some people think a cat is cute and cuddly, others think it is just at the bottom of the food chain. But please, please don't quote me on this one. I only eat pork and chicken. LOL.

    It's a cultural thing. That bleeding red head probably eats rabbits. Bloody politically correct hypocrite.

    Sorry. I haven't eaten breakfast.

  13. It's all in the spirit of good fun.

    Yeah @ Shari

    And they function with the borrowed courage of the mob, too.

    Well @ Ira

    I think they work on a "First Impressions" basis.

    It's either that or ,like my current template, everything's that black and white.

    But it's more of the former if you ask me.


    He hee @ Howling

    Exactly. And I thought they were missing out on something.

    I still find it more of a compliment though that they thought I was trying to be funny. Or, like this one guy placed it, I was also trying to be cool, too. Wow.

    I wanted to know how my blog would rate with other people, and I succeeded. Some people are just so easily influenced, that's all.

    Cheers all! Muah!


  14. wow. you're definitely cool about it. ha ha. cheers to that. :)

  15. Devilishqueen Misses You8:04 PM

    I missed you!

    had to read 2 or so entries for me to be able to catch up in here.

    hahaha.. akala ko.. pinsan ko lng ang sadista sa mga pusa.. nyahahaha..

    and.. bravo! for having the guts to have this site reviewed... and enjoying it! Have to have my site lined up next.. hehehehe..

    Luv yah!

  16. Of course @ IE

    I submitted my blog for a wicked gnashing out of my own volition and free will. I figured something like this is about to happen, so it's all good.


    Yeah! @ I miss you too Devilish!

    Ano na nga ba nangyayari sa iyo ha? Har, pasensiya na at medio di ako maka-online ha. May mga issues ako dito offline eh.

    Muah! Miss you so much!

    Cheers all!

  17. Anonymous2:47 AM

    Pure carnage from I2M! Haha! Nice review though, sometimes, they are too soft. But I guess they're not so soft when they wrote this.

    Good for you! :P

  18. Hey! So glad the flies are all gone.

    Guess what? I submitted my blogspot too.

    Who are those geeks anyway?

  19. It's always like that. You can't please everybody. She also has a point there but presenting her arguments is just very offensive.

    But then again, you can't please everybody. And it's a way of publicizing your blog.


    I've got a new URL.

  20. Well @ Jhed

    Carnage is a relative term.



    Oh hello @ Marl

    They review blogs. It's a free service. I happened to chance upon them while doing my bloghopping, and I submitted my site the first chance I get.

    I had my blog reviewed and validated, and I'm all set.

    It's all good!



    She called me a dickhead. I loved it. Something I really wanted to hear all along.


    Cheers all!

  21. i guess i was hoping for the big cat fight (sorry for the unintentional, bad pun). gusto ko kasing mag-away rin. naku... ang saya sana nun. ha ha. :)



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