Friday, November 10, 2006

Wicked Ocular Trauma

So I didn't post anything about Halloween. Big deal. I'm obsessively morbid by default anyway, so a Halloween post would be freaking Mortal Kombat overkill.

Halloween's a personal guilty pleasure; I admit to liking the Halloween spirit more than I do Christmas. But this was before Katrina de Castro and her hollow pumpkin started hosting them Magandang Gabi Bayan Halloween Specials.

I like to get scared. Honestly I do. But I'm not referring to the robbery-or-rape-at-knife-point kind of scared, or the bad-news-from-my-doctor kind of scared, or the I-might-lose-my-job kind of scared, or the my-boyfriend's-cheating-on-me kind of scared. What I mean is, I like to get scared at a leisurely pace.

Think movies. Think Scare TV specials. Think horror stories slash urban legends stretched in ten different versions. Once you get your freak on trembling in that wavelength, understand that every other kind of scared just fuck-ugly sucks. Katrina de Castro trying to scare a pantload of shit off of you just fuck ugly sucks.

I love horror movies like I love sex, and you'd imagine a taboo of gangbanging orgasms this last Hallow's Eve. Sexual Frustration, however, was this pantload of shit which involved Ramon Revilla Sr, a plastic toy bat headdress, legions of badly costumed demonic minions, and glow light anting-antings (amulets) flashing in their cheapness. Yes Momel, You Are Watching "Ang Mahiwagang Daigdig ni Elias Paniki." Wow. Scary.

Excuse me while I try my second Cartwheel of Uninhibited Happiness.


I said I am obsessively morbid by default, and that's meant to be a confession rather than a turn off.

I was about six years old during the first time I was three feet away from a, bad pun alert, live corpse. She was this rape victim in her twenties, I think. But what I remember with striking clarity were these black ants trickling out of her dead greying lips, her mouth formed in a half open gape as she allowed life to escape around five hours earlier.

That was a lingering memory towards which I have no real objection.


  1. Let me channel Wednesday Addams.

    I feel like going morbid...

    He hee

  2. Now you are delightfully sulky, glum and uber cranky.

    But somehow I have a feeling this is not exactly new to you. What happened when you were a kiddie is really creepy.

    I wonder how many giant squid got bludgeoned to fill-up the whole screen.

  3. are those cancer cells?

    hehe. aaarrrrg.

  4. Anonymous2:23 AM

    What's with the pics? You have an eye disease or something?

    Good luck with your scare fetish.

    Do I like being scared? No. Haha! End of comment.

  5. Oh hell yeah! @ Howling

    I'm so completely in character! And yeah, I'm loving Blogger Beta more at the same time.

    Cheers! Ooops, I might prefer to lessen my exclamations.

    So there. But cheers again.

    Well, no. @ Rob

    Ocular trauma. Yup, that's what it is.

    The images you see here are instances of ocular trauma. @ Jhed

    It's not a fetish, but thanks.

    Cheers everybody and thanks for dropping by.

  6. i have to admit i love watching the magandang gabi bayan specials every halloween. i still watch them, no matter how cheesy they are.

    they scared the shit out of me when i was a kid but it became somewhat a tradition in the family, because we all get together during November 1 anyway, so we all get scared shitless together.

    morbid? a turn off? it's more interesting than a turn off, really.

    btw, how did it feel, seeing that lady? gosh, where were you!? saan ka ba naglalarong bata ka! :)


  7. hmm. so you really are morbid?

    it seems you are with the pictures of the eyes. i don't like looking at those.

    that memory, did it scare you? coz i really have no idea how a scary movie could scare you if you are really that morbid.

  8. Hey Momel, I think I'm a bit late but I loved the entry. That makes us two very morbid people/ Btw, what were you doing three feet away from a corpse anyway?


  9. Praise Momel for this post! (Bowing)

    I totally feel the same way! i so like Halloween much more than any other holiday out there! I love being scared and I love scary movies!

    Praise Momel! LOL!

  10. Anonymous8:23 PM




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