Monday, November 13, 2006

What's a quick change artist?

So here's the act

Nice, huh? That's quick change artistry for you, or drop down clothing to be more specific. A completely worthless skill regardless of the practice involved. But it still makes for good entertainment just the same.

They change clothes just like, snap snap, just like that in this talent show where them talents,
like germs beneath a microscope, get to be scrutinized by judges, usually three, licensed by, I dunno, the University of Contest Judges.

Now, what's not changing, and I think ought to, is this formula for picking the judges for any talent show. Theres two males, one of which maintains a doubtful sexual orientation, and then one female inserted for convenience.

But it's almost always three. The female's the voice of reason, and then the two males get to pick between the smart assing unfunny, but altogether polite, hick or the smart assing cruel hick. But there's almost always one asshole. Not exactly by default, but by preference anyway most especially when he's this publicity whore who's willing to try anything just to get famous. It worked for Simon Cowell, so why shouldn't it work for him. Right?

The drama's with the third judge; he gets to pass the final judgment most especially when the first two votes aren't exactly unanimous.

American Idol's got Simon Cowell already, and I think they should stop following suit and try to be original. Yes, bloody shitfaced asshats are everywhere, and I'm not patronizing Cowell or anything, but haven't we had enough of the same lame crop of Cowell wannabe assholes?

If anything should change, then I think that's it.

But if they can't change that, then we need more Paula Abduls. Of course, trashing them talent shows once and for all doesn't sound half bad either.

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